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The Wheel turns. In our ancient Celtic traditions, the old year is ending, the great sundown arrives, the veil is open between the living and the dead. Continue Reading

Slow Down. Reflect. Review. It’s Mercury Retrograde Again.

Mercury is Retrograde

For heaven’s sake take care and take it slowly – it’s Mercury Retrograde again! It’s already started with drama and tragedy. Reflect before you react. Continue Reading

Slow Down! Watch Your Step (and Mouth)! It’s Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is Retrograde

Look out where you’re going and what you’re saying! Be sure to back up your technology and be patient with delays, glitches, errors, and backtracking. Continue Reading

Election Day – U.S.A.

Although it’s become a cliche hyperbole we’ve heard in past years, this election is very likely to be the most important in our, and even our children’s, lifetimes. In the name of Lady Libertas, in the name of all those who have suffered and died for our right to vote, please do not skip thisContinue reading Read more

Give Thanks and Praises! A Blessed Mabon and Equinox to You!

Today we celebrate the second harvest, the midpoint of the harvest season. We in the north gather in the remaining bounty of summer, and give thanks. Blessed be. Continue Reading

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