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My Lughnasadh Poetry Tradition

Each Lughnasadh, it’s my tradition to share this sublime Mary Oliver poem. Let the immeasurable come. Let the unknowable touch the buckle of my spine. Continue Reading …

Today is Astronomical Lughnasadh – Halfway Between Solstice and Equinox

Since today is the astronomical mid-point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, I am encoring my favorite poem that suits Lughnasadh so well. Blessings. Continue Reading …

In August’s Zenith, Let the Unknowable Touch Us

I love this poem for the days of Lughnasadh, and so even though the actual holiday has passed, I am encoring it again. Especially appropriate for these days of upheaval, uncertainty, and foreboding, I send you blessings of faith, and wish you abundant, miraculous harvests. Little Summer Poem Touching the Subject of Faith by MaryContinue reading Read more

Gratitude and Prayers for Mary Oliver

The Humpbacks by Mary Oliver There is, all around us, this country of original fire. You know what I mean. The sky, after all, stops at nothing, so something has to be holding our bodies in its rich and timeless stables or else we would fly away. Off Stellwagen off the Cape, the humpbacks rise.Continue reading Read more

Saturday Poetry

Autumn Song © Susan Tino SantilloSong for Autumnby Mary Oliver In the deep falldon’t you imagine the leaves think howcomfortable it will be to touchthe earth instead of thenothingness of air and the endlessfreshets of wind? And don’t you thinkthe trees themselves, especially those with mossy,warm caves, begin to think of the birds that willContinue reading Read more

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