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I Hardly Ever Do This, But…

Since I’m no longer sending out my old WINGS monthly newsletter, I thought you might like to know a little about my current services and goodies. Continue Reading …

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Sunday Inspiration: A Heavy Curriculum

I saw this just the other day, from one of my most beloved teachers of my lifetime, Ram Dass. It was precisely what I needed to hear at that moment.  In fact, in my morning pages, I’d finished that day’s entry with a question pity party, and several hours later that same day, this wasContinue reading Read more

Wednesday Celebration: Triangle Tarot & Friends of Raleigh-Durham Meetup

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Day 15: Halfway Through a Month of Thanksgiving

Today, for Day 15 of my month-long gratitude practice, I give thanks for Triangle Tarot and Friends (the Raleigh-Durham Tarot Meetup).   When I whine to my friends about being too busy, or stretched thin, invariably, someone suggests that I give up being the organizer of the Meetup. I know that someday I will have to.  But evenContinue reading Read more

Last Week Before We Start!

What if you could have centuries-old Wisdom at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere? What if you had a no-fail way to dial in to instant insight — no muss, no fuss?  How would your life change if you could have a clear, inspiring, and fantastically accurate way to connect to your highest, most trustworthy guidance?Continue reading Read more

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