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Celebrating the Overturning of California Proposition 8

Just for fun, today I offer a video in honor of the overturning of the unjust and unconstitutional Prop 8 in California.  The fight is not over, but let’s take a moment here to celebrate!  Sending much laughter and love, especially to all my dear Cali couple friends.  Mazel tov! (Thanks to Barbara M. whoContinue reading Read more

1 Luminous Spark

Tarot Card of the Week: May 17-23, 2010

The foundation of justice is good faith. — Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BCE Our guide for this coming week is a powerful Major Arcana card. The Justice card represents justice and fairness and finding balance in all things. Justice is one of the three cardinal virtues represented in the Tarot. The others are Temperance andContinue reading Read more

Happy Birthday, Libra!

On this date, the Sun enters the sign of Libra, fittingly, the sign of the balanced scales. Like the scales, Libras prefer to be on an even keel. They easily tune in to how people relate to one another and partnerships of all sorts. For a Libra, everything is better when done together. Venus, planetContinue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week: July 20-26, 2009

The Six of Pentacles Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellow. — Moliere (1622-1673) Money certainly does seem to be on the forefront of many peoples’ minds. Of course, the economic crisis goes on, perhaps not being covered by theContinue reading Read more

Tarot Card of the Week: April 20-26, 2009

The King of SwordsI’ve always felt that a person’s intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting points of view he can entertain simultaneously on the same topic. — Abigail Adams Swords are the suit of Air, of the mind and intellect; they rule communication and decision-making. The King of Swords is the onlyContinue reading Read more

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