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A Night of Giving and Receiving

Tonight at midnight, or tomorrow morning if you prefer, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, it is time for you to light your final, center candle. With its light, honor your Bringer of Light, and vow to renew your own part in the ancient promise of faith, hope, and love that was given onContinue reading Read more

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Have a Blessed Day of Thanks Giving

Praise Her from whom all blessings flow. Fruits of Her harvest to bestow. Sustain us as we change and grow. Praise Mother Earth our ancient home. Blessed be.   ~ Pagan Grace, author unknown Today is the day officially set aside to count our blessings. So I want to take this opportunity to give thanksContinue reading Read more

Equinox Blessings: Giving Thanks and Finding Balance

Hail! Journeyer of the Heavens, Queen of Brightness, King of Beauty! Gifts of gladness richly bringing, Autumn sheaves and red leaves’ fall. Generous be the heart within us, Open be our hands to all, Justice to be in equal measure, Harvest thankfulness our call. ~ Greeting to the Autumn Equinox Caitlín Matthews, A Celtic DevotionalContinue reading Read more

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A Wee Reminder ..

As I mentioned last week, as well as in my July WINGS newsletter, I am going to be away most of this month, and on a complete sabbatical after today (except for Saturday, the 18th). I will be posting the Card of the Week on Mondays, but otherwise, my blog, my readings, and my phoneContinue reading Read more

Hither and Yon

As I mentioned in my July WINGS newsletter and here, over the past several days, I will be hither, yon, and away for most of this month. I will be posting the Card of the Week on Mondays, but otherwise, my blog and readings are on hold for now.  If you want to get aContinue reading Read more

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