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Hanged up in houses,it doth very well attemper the aire,coole and make fresh the place to the delightand comfort of such as are therein. — John Gerard, 1597 As our days fill with the gift of Summer’s lush ripening, beloved Thalia, the Grace of Mirth and Flowering, continues to teach us. In the hot, summeryContinue reading Read more

Gloves of the Good Folk

Foxglove, Foxglove,What do you see? The cool green woodland, the fat velvet bee; Hey, Mr Bumble, I’ve honey here for thee! Foxglove, Foxglove,What see you now?” The soft summer moonlight On bracken, grass, and bough; And all the fairies dancing As only they know how. ~ The Song of the Foxglove Fairy, by Cecily M.Continue reading Read more

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Iris Flower Power

The garden with its little gate of green,Invites you to enter, and view mysteries unseen,Its vine laden bowers and overhanging trees,The air filled with sweetness, the hum of the bees,The flagged walks with Iris galore,Of most beautiful coloring, unknown before,Pink, white, purple, yellow, azure blue,Mixed and mingled of every hue,You come away wondering, can moreContinue reading Read more

Thalia’s Gifts: The Iris

Wild Iris at Dawn – © Galen RowellIn your neat garden iris growsBright yellow, mauve – in stately rows.This one you’ve picked is a lovely thing,I know it brightens up our spring. But in the forest, springtime’s child,A purple iris growing wild,Can melt my heart as spring melts snow,It’s spoilt me for the sort youContinue reading Read more

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Saturday Poetry – A Call of the Sidhe

A CALL OF THE SIDHEby A. E.Tarry thou yet, late lingerer in the twilight’s gloryGay are the hills with song: earth’s faery children leaveMore dim abodes to roam the primrose-hearted eve,Opening their glimmering lips to breathe some wondrous story. Hush, not a whisper! Let your heart alone go dreaming.Dream unto dream may pass: deep inContinue reading Read more

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