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Entering the Fourth House

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance. ~ Bernard Shaw Instead of an attempt to gather and synthesize a number of different views on the Fourth House of the astrological chart, I am printing in its entirety an article I found by astrologer Eleanor Buckwalter.  InContinue reading Read more

We Enter the Third House

Education is what survives after what has been learned has been forgotten. ~ B.F. Skinner After our very juicy discussions about prosperity, power, and possessions, we move today into a month-long examination of the themes found in the Third House of the astrological chart. This House is ruled by Gemini and it is concerned withContinue reading Read more

Happy Father’s Day

Children learn to smile from their parents. — Shinichi Suzuki Through a little girl’s eyes, my father’s hands were so big. They folded over mine, swallowing them up as they taught me to tie my shoes. They patiently screwed together bicycles and swing sets, they wiped off chocolate milk mustaches. They wrapped around the handleContinue reading Read more

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