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The Beauty of the Starlit Lands for You this Magical Sunday

My beloved and talented friend, Willow (Kelly) DeFey composed this a few years ago, in honor of the Faery Queen as she is depicted in the Thomas the Rhymer story. As I begin a new chapter in my own ever-deepening work with the Shining Ones this week, it is especially inspiring, weaving a spell thatContinue reading Read more

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Poetry for the Weekend

I will be offline this weekend as I immerse myself in the Elemental magic of the Crossroads with RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt. So I leave you with this. Remember: Poetry is the oldest form of human magic and is best appreciated when spoken (and heard) aloud. DREAMS WITHIN DREAMS by Fiona MacLeod (William Sharp)Continue reading Read more

Wishing You a Magical Midsummer’s Eve!

Hand in hand, with Fairy grace, Will we sing, and bless this place. ~ Titania, from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the last day of Spring. This is Midsummer’s Eve, the night before the sabbat of Litha (Summer Solstice/Alban Hefin/Midsummer). Besides Samhain and Beltane,Continue reading Read more

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Wordless Wednesday: Named for The Folk, Not the Fox

  Digitalis purpurea

Wishing You a Happy and Blessed May Eve!

Throughout my whole life, during every moment I have lived, the world has gradually been taking on light and fire for me, until it has come to envelop me in one mass of luminosity, glowing from within… The purple flush of matter fading imperceptibly into the gold of spirit, to be lost finally in theContinue reading Read more

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