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Whimsical and Wise: The Victorian Fairy Tarot, Part Two

The Victorian Fairy Tarot By Lunaea Weatherstone, with art by Gary Lippincott Copyright 2013, ISBN 978-0-7387-3131-5 Llewellyn Publications Yesterday, I posted my review of the Victorian Fairy Tarot, a new deck by Goddess Priestess and Tarot master, Lunaea Weatherstone, with art by Gary A. Lippincott. I decided to use the deck for a readingContinue reading Continue Reading

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Blessings of Midsummer’s Eve!

Hand in hand, with Fairy grace, Will we sing, and bless this place. ~ Titania, from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the last day of Spring.  This is Midsummer’s Eve, the night before the sabbat of Litha (Summer Solstice). Besides Samhain and Beltane, thisContinue reading Continue Reading

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Sorry, Patrick..I’m Still with the Snakes

This is an encore of my post last year. Instead of the troublesome Patrick, I will be honoring the older Ones on this day. May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, And may trouble avoid you wherever you go. Today is Trefuilnid Treochair (Truh-FWEEL-nid Tray-oh-CARE) in the Celtic traditions. This is considered the premierContinue reading Continue Reading

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With Gratitude to Yesterday’s Workshop Participants


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Wordless Wednesdays – Offerings of Summer

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Saturday Poetry

THE LORDS OF SHADOW by Fiona MacLeod (William Sharp) Where the water whispers mid the shadowy rowan-trees I have heard the Hidden People like the hum of swarming bees: And when the moon has risen and the brown burn glisters grey I have seen the Green Host marching in laughing disarray. Dalua then must sureContinue reading Continue Reading

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Encounters With The Little People

I rise in silence, steadfast in the elements with thought a smoke-blue veil drawn round me. Seasons clothe me in laurel and bittersweet, in ice but my heart is constant… — from Smoky Mountain Woman © Marilou Awiakta, from her collection, *Abiding Appalachia: Where Mountain and Atom Meet As the magic of Summer Solstice approaches,Continue reading Continue Reading

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Signs of Summer

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me, what else shouldContinue reading Continue Reading

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Blessings of Beltane Eve!

This May Eve, as I burn, Year wheel take another turn. Fire flame and fire bright, Bless us on this May Eve night. Today is May Eve, Walpurgisnacht, Beltane Eve! One of the most magical nights of the year, in Germany, Walpurgisnacht begins at sunrise today and ends at sunrise on the first day ofContinue reading Continue Reading

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Back .. temporarily..

When you have completed 95 percent of your journey, you are only halfway there. — Japanese Proverb Dear ones – what a fantastic time I had with my beloveds on my retreat in West Virginia.  We worked deep magic, blessed by the beautiful land and the sweet beginnings of Springtime in the Appalachian mountains.  WeContinue reading Continue Reading

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Wishing You A Blessed Midsummer Night’s Eve!

Over hill, over dale,Thorough bush, thorough brier,Over park, over pale,Thorough flood, thorough fire,I do wander everywhere,Swifter than the moon’s sphere;And I serve the fairy queen,To dew her orbs upon the green. The cowslips tall her pensioners be:In their gold coats spots you see;Those be rubies, fairy favours,In those freckles live their savours:I must go seekContinue reading Continue Reading

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For My Faerie Sister

Happy birthday yesterday to Alruna: The Flowers by Robert Louis Stevenson All the names I know from nurse:Gardener’s garters, Shepherd’s purse,Bachelor’s buttons, Lady’s smock,And the Lady Hollyhock. Fairy places, fairy things,Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,Tiny trees for tiny dames–These must all be fairy names! Tiny woods below whose boughsShady fairies weave a house;TinyContinue reading Continue Reading

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Beltane Blessings!

And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.— William Shakespeare Beltane, the counterpart to Samhain, which Pagans and Witches south of the Equator are now celebrating, is one of the Greater Wiccan Sabbats and is usually celebrated on MayContinue reading Continue Reading

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Blessings of May Eve!

Throughout my whole life, during every moment I have lived, the world has gradually been taking on light and fire for me, until it has come to envelop me in one mass of luminosity, glowing from within… The purple flush of matter fading imperceptibly into the gold of spirit, to be lost finally in theContinue reading Continue Reading

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Gods and Heroes

On winter nights, when the moon is high, wait by the track at Camelot.Though nothing catches your eye except shade and moon shadows, you may hear them ride by:Arthur and his men, hoofbeats clattering, with their horns and their hounds on their way to hunt. — Exploring King Arthur’s Britain by Denise Stobie Except forContinue reading Continue Reading

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More Lavender Lore

The Love Potion – Evelyn de Morgan, 1903There are some things after all that Sally Owens knows for certain: Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can. — Practical Magic, byContinue reading Continue Reading

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Wishing You a Most Merry Midsummer Eve!

I must go seek some dewdrops hereAnd hang a pearl in every cowslip’s ear.Farewell, thou lob of spirits;I’ll be gone: Our queen and all our elves come here anon.— From A Midsummer Night’s Eve, by William Shakespeare Today is the last day of Spring. Today, go outside, taste the rich fruit that has come ofContinue reading Continue Reading

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Recipe for the Good Folk

Faerie Guardians © Howard David JohnsonWhen I sound the fairy call, gather here in silent meeting,Chin to knee on the orchard wall, cooled with dew and cherries eating.Merry, merry, take a cherry, mine are sounder, mine are rounder,Mine are sweeter for the eater, when the dews fall, and you’ll be fairies all. — Emily DickinsonContinue reading Continue Reading

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More About Offerings

Cock Robin Defending His Nest by John Anster FitzGeraldSome day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. — C.S. Lewis If you are called to establish ties with the Good People, you are going to want to learn about the proper use of offerings and gifts. According to the 1911 workContinue reading Continue Reading

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By Any Other Name

Titania by Arthur RackhamHand in hand, with Fairy grace,Will we sing, and bless this place.— Titania (in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) Yesterday, I noted that, when making your initial introductions with the Gentle Folk, naming is powerful, and this is one reason that so many euphemisms abound. According to Cassandra Eason in AContinue reading Continue Reading

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