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Never Mind That Tragic Martyred Saint! Let’s Celebrate Aphrodite’s Day!

Forget the celibate martyr for whom this day is named. In the name of the Goddess Aphrodite, we reclaim this day for beauty, pleasure, and love. Continue Reading …

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Blessings of Mabon, 2015

Hail! Journeyer of the Heavens, Queen of Brightness, King of Beauty! Gifts of gladness richly bringing, Autumn sheaves and red leaves’ fall. Generous be the heart within us, Open be our hands to all, Justice to be in equal measure, Harvest thankfulness our call. ~ Greeting to the Autumn Equinox by Caitlín Matthews, A CelticContinue reading Read more

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Every Day is Sacred: In Honor of Girls and Women

September 3 On this day in 1981, the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted as an international treaty, outlawing gender discrimination world-wide. That was a giant step, and should be honored today by men and women alike. But there is a world of difference between declarationsContinue reading Read more

Best Wishes to the Women of Saudi Arabia!

History has been made.  While they still can’t drive, or leave the country unaccompanied, and many other demeaning restrictions remain for now, the women of Saudi Arabia will at last be given the right to vote and hold public office. You can read more about it here. Let us welcome and bless our hard-pressed sisters.Continue reading Read more

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