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Psalm Sunday – For International Women’s Day, We Cannot Stand Aside

Praises to the Goddess. “All the Earth waits for the chorus of our voices.” May this 2020 International Women’s Day be blessed for one and all. Continue Reading …

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Wishing You a Blessed Earth Day: Psalm 95

From Angela Magara’s masterpiece, Earth Psalms – a slim volume that belongs on every shelf. It is based on the biblical Psalms, but infused with poetry that beats with the heart of Earth-based spirituality. Blessings and gratitude to our beloved Gaia, Mother Earth, on Her sacred day today! Let us vow to better honor andContinue reading Read more

Earth Psalms: Psalm 49

Psalm 49 From Earth Psalms, by Angela Magara Listen and hear, hear and listen, All people, all people of the world. All the rich, all the poor, All those at war, and those who walk in peace. A message I have, a song to sing at my harp. All wealth gathered in a heap cannotContinue reading Read more

Psalm 103

Today’s offering is from Angela Magara’s masterpiece, Earth Psalms — her sublime reconsideration of the Biblical psalms.  She writes of this treasure, “I had heard from my friend, Rabbi David Edleson, that many of the psalms were closely based on much older praise songs from the ancient Near East, dedicated to their Gods and Goddesses,Continue reading Read more

In Honor of the Witches and Pagans at the Parliament of the World’s Religions

From December 3rd through the 9th, a delegation of modern Pagans and Witches from across the globe are gathered in Melbourne, Australia for the Parliament of the World’s Religions.  They are representing organizations like Covenant of the Goddess, the Temple of Ara, EarthSpirit, Cherry Hill Seminary, Earth Traditions, Circle Sanctuary, Solar Cross, the Pagan Federation,Continue reading Read more

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