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Blessed Be the Light and Healing of Brighid

Honoring the Lady of Healing, Poetry, and the Forge, I offer this gorgeous poem by Barbara Flaherty, from an essential book of Brigid’s devotions. Continue Reading …

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: July 3, 2015

John found a photo series, documenting the “Fare Thee Well” concerts at Soldier Field, 2015, shot by Chicago Tribune photographer, Zbigniew Bzdak. Continue Reading …

Words for Wednesday: A Magical Working for Awareness, Beauty, and Healing

A number of us are singing the Gayatri Mantra every day at 10am, whatever your local time, to create a global wave of healing and devotion. Join us? Continue Reading …

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Goddess Sundays: Parvati, Part 2

Through the beauty of a woman — the best way to give content to the Absolute. ~  Saundarya Lahari If you recall from last Sunday, here is our story of the Great Goddess Parvati so far… The God Shiva has withdrawn from the worlds of Gods and humans, heartbroken by the death of His beloved,Continue reading Read more

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Goddess Sundays: Parvati

Banded with a tinkling girdle Heavy with breasts like the frontal lobes of young elephants. Slender of waist, With face like the full moon of autumn…    ~ traditional Hymn of Praises to Parvati Tonight, millions of Hindus around the world will be celebrating Maha Shivaratri, The Night Of Lord Shiva, the great God ofContinue reading Read more

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