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Self-creation is an art of fire.— M. C. Richards How are you doing at this point? I would love to know how you are feeling about the pace of this work. Too fast? Too slow? We are about to cross into the half-way point, and I am wondering if you’re still with me. Is thisContinue reading Read more

Forbidden Joys

I want to sing like birds singNot worrying who hears orWhat they think.— Rumi I really love how many of you decided to color outside the lines on our last exercise, and add an eleventh question, so that it would not end by focusing on what makes us sad! Well done! As we wind downContinue reading Read more

6 Luminous Sparks

Beltane Blessings Continue..

May your day be this sweet and loving…

In Remembrance

Today I’d planned to continue our explorations of harvest lore, specifically making corn dollies, but instead, I feel the urgency of this occasion to share these words from two of my dear teachers with you. The Three Candles, Marc Chagall Words from Starhawk:September 11, 2001: Hecate sits on her tripod at the crossroads in theContinue reading Read more

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Saturday Poetry

A Night-Rain in Summer by James Henry Leigh Hunt Open the window, and let the airFreshly blow upon face and hair,And fill the room, as it fills the night,With the breath of the rain’s sweet might.Hark! the burthen, swift and prone!And how the odorous limes are blown!Stormy Love’s abroad, and keepsHopeful coil for gentle sleeps.Continue reading Read more

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