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Blessings of Samhain To the Living and the Dead

I am the hallow-tide of all souls passing, I am the bright releaser of all pain, I am the quickener of the fallen seed-case, I am the glance of snow, the strike of rain. I am the hollow of the winter twilight, I am the hearth-fire and the welcome bread, I am the curtained awningContinue reading Read more

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In Gratitude for Seamus Heaney

The prolific and beloved Irish poet, writer, and teacher, Seamus Heaney, has died. Heaney received the highest accolades for his work, including the Nobel Prize in Literature (1995), the Golden Wreath of Poetry (2001), the T. S. Eliot Prize (2006) and two Whitbread prizes (1996 and 1999). He was both the Harvard and the OxfordContinue reading Read more

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As a Follow-up on Patricia Monaghan’s Crossing

Patricia’s husband, who is a friend and colleague from the Cherry Hill Seminary Board of Directors, has asked us to share this with all who have been touched by the death of his wife, the beloved author, artist, teacher, and leader, Patricia Monaghan.   You are welcome, in turn, to pass it along to others ifContinue reading Read more

Thirty Days of Thanksgiving: Blessings of the New Scorpio Moon and Total Eclipse

Today, I am grateful for the new beginnings inherent in New Moons. Especially today, since it’s doubly powerful, with this New Moon in Scorpio, plus the first Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio since 1995. So I am offering two outstanding astrological views. First, from Lance Ferguson at Skywatch Astrology: Tuesday, November 13 Bad MoonContinue reading Read more

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Blessings of Samhain. All Hail to the Ancient Ones, the Ancestors and Mighty Dead.

Samhain Blessings to All! Today is the Great Festival of Samhain (pronounced SAH-wen, or SOW-wen), which marks the third and final harvest and summer’s end. This is the ancient Celtic New Year and also the New Year for many traditions of modern Pagans and Witches. This is the midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter SolsticeContinue reading Read more

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