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From Faking It to Making It

The many branches of Earth-centered spirituality have come a long way from the early days I remember, like when we were pulling our liturgy from pop fiction (“May you never hunger, May you never thirst” is straight out of Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land). But those days of flying our broomsticks byContinue reading Read more

Day 29 of My Month of Thanksgivings: CHS

Today, I give overflowing thanks that I live in a place and a time when an institution like Cherry Hill Seminary exists. If you don’t already know, Cherry Hill Seminary is the leading provider of education and practical training in leadership, ministry, and personal growth in Pagan and Nature-Based spiritualities. I am especially grateful and honored toContinue reading Read more

As a Follow-up on Patricia Monaghan’s Crossing

Patricia’s husband, who is a friend and colleague from the Cherry Hill Seminary Board of Directors, has asked us to share this with all who have been touched by the death of his wife, the beloved author, artist, teacher, and leader, Patricia Monaghan.   You are welcome, in turn, to pass it along to others ifContinue reading Read more

My Birthday Wish

You know how I love celebrating birthdays, and working with you to help make your wishes come true, right? Well, tomorrow is my birthday, and you can help make my wish come true. As I continue to work through my second Saturn return, I am thinking a lot about what my life will have meant,Continue reading Read more

Goddess Sunday: Macha

Macha Excerpted from a longer essay by by Jani Farrell-Roberts, a woman of Ulster: Over the ages, our mental picture of the Goddess has evolved to meet our changing needs – and in particular the changing needs and status of womenfolk. In the days of hunter-gathering and in the early days of agriculture, the prevalentContinue reading Read more

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