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Wordless Wednesday – Aphrodite’s Kittens

Aphrodite’s Day and the Beauty Path

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.    ~ Chinese proverb As in past years, on this day that has been named for a Christian martyr, I encourage you to instead celebrate in the name of the Goddess ofContinue reading Read more

Goddess Sunday: Aphrodite

She clothed herself with garments which the Graces and Hours had made for her and dyed in flowers of spring – such flowers as the Seasons wear – in crocus and hyacinth and flourishing violet and the rose’s lovely bloom, so sweet and delicious, and heavenly buds, the flowers of the narcissus and lily. InContinue reading Read more

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Blessings of the Taurus New Moon!

Dark of the Moon, New beginnings; Dark of the Moon, Plant a seed tonight. Dark of the Moon, What we envision Will come to be by the Full Moon’s light. As you know by now, I have decided to step back from my years of posting every single day. And with that decision, it appearsContinue reading Read more

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Happy Aphrodite’s Day!

Do you not see how mighty is the Goddess Aphrodite? She sows and gives that love from which all we upon this earth are born. — Empedocles ca. 490-430 BCE Instead of honoring the various Christian martyrs named St. Valentine on this date, let us celebrate what we REALLY want this day to be about:Continue reading Read more

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