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Tarot Card for Summer Solstice, 2016: Ace of Pentacles

We welcome the card this week that will kick off our Summer and set the stage for the season to come. What message does Tarot offer on this magical day of Litha and Full Moon? Continue Reading …

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That Rarest Of Things: A Second Chance – The Ace of Swords Returns

The Ace of Swords returns, and we have a second chance at a new beginning. What new idea needs your attention? What communication channels are opening, perhaps for the first time? Be scrupulous with your truth. Continue Reading …

Tarot Card of the Week, May 9-15, 2016: The Ace of Swords

This week, our gateway card for 2016 returns. What big idea is stirring? Look for new information, or an important decision, that changes everything. Continue Reading …

Tarot Card of the Week, Oct. 12-18, 2015: Ace of Pentacles

The old economy of greed and dominion is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The outcome is ours to choose. ~ David Korten, author and visionary Well now, dear readers! This is one for the record books. The last time the Ace of Pentacles came to visit, itContinue reading Read more

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Tarot Card of the Week – Oct. 5-11, 2015: Ace of Cups

Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; ’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home. ~ John Newton, Amazing Grace, 1779 Here is a beautiful visitor we rarely see. This week, let us bid an especially warm welcome to the Ace of Cups. The Aces representContinue reading Read more

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