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Herbs and Magical Gifts from the Garden

owlsong1Potpourris, teas and herbal products to
inspire, enchant and delight!

For many thousands of years, humans and plants have been partners enhancing one anothers’ health, beauty, and happiness. On the most fundamental level, we share our breath — the Green Ones taking in what we exhale, and we, the red-blooded beings, inhaling what they expel. We cultivate and care for them; they reward our attentions with medicine, food, and shelter.

Besides these well-known physical gifts, it is my experience that plants are also our teachers and co-creators in the spiritual realms. When we bring their gentle energy into our hearts and homes, they refresh us, restore our balance, and align us with the healing power of our Mother Earth.

Let the magic of herbs bring you inspiration and enchantment

Working with the magical properties of plants, I am pleased to offer you a variety of herbal mixes and gifts designed to enhance the love, beauty, and joy in your life. Except for my Soul Card Kits (see below), I do not use any pre-mixed blends; instead we will discuss your needs and I will prepare your very own customized magical mixtures.

Over the years, I have created blends for:

* Peaceful dreams
* New home clearing and blessings
* Affirmations of love and beauty
* Wedding or new baby blessings
* Creativity and abundance
* Purification and cleansing away negativity
* Safe travels and joyous adventures
* Faerie gifts for the Good Folk dwelling in our gardens.

These represent but a few of the possible combinations of herbs and flowers, many of which are lovingly grown and harvested at my home here in North Carolina. Everything is prepared by hand in Sacred Space, charged with magical intent, and offered with blessings, only for the highest good of all.

All ingredients are of the finest quality available, gathered or purchased in small quantities to ensure freshness. Everything is completely natural — no artificial chemicals or perfumes; no pesticides. I only offer ethically wild-harvested or sustainably, organically grown, fair-trade botanicals.

Your customized herbal items are available
in a wide variety of choices, just a few of which include:

* Herbal magic bundles —  in large and small natural muslin bags, sheer organza gift bundles, or delicate hanging glass ornaments
* Potpourri and aromatics — Available in muslin bags, gift bags, baskets, sachets and more.
* Teas both in bulk or in packets of teabags  — Caffeine-free, naturally
* Herb and candle spell kits — Custom crafted by request

Instructions and an explanation of the energetic properties of the herbs in your purchase are always included, as well as some suggestions for usage.

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Tarot Soul Card Kits ~

Featuring customized herbal blends (with optional stone or crystal) that have been designed to help you align with your Tarot Soul Card!
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For additional information, including the current price list, I’ll be glad to drop a free brochure to you in the mail. Just email me with your postal mailing address, or give me a call.

owlteaDelighting your senses, opening your heart!

Please note: It is the intention of Owlsong Herbal Blessings to offer you these botanical products in order to enhance the peacefulness, beauty and harmony in your life. All items are for magical, inspirational and decorative use only. Some people may be sensitive to the herbs and products used, especially those with unusual allergies or women who are pregnant. No medical or therapeutic results are claimed or implied in any way.