Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Illumination Through the Tarot

How the Tarot Can Shed Some Light on Your Life


The Tarot is a fantastically powerful tool for guidance, growth, clarity, and understanding. With its roots deep in centuries-old wisdom, it is a thoroughly modern method for inspiration and insight. It will help you understand and direct the many energies and forces that are flowing in your life.

Its symbols and archetypes transcend language, time, and culture. It will resonate with your Deep Awareness.

 Guided by a skilled practitioner like myself, the Tarot speaks to you in universal images that your inner self already understands.

Your customized reading can cover every possible topic of concern, including:

  • How present influences and concerns may shape your future
  • Life mission
  • Making peace with setbacks
  • Love and relationship issues
  • Business and career
  • Personal prosperity and home
  • Spiritual path
  • Working with Guardians, Guides and Spirit Allies
  • Comfort and well-being
  • A month-by-month analysis of the coming year
  • Ways to assess career, health, relationship or creative goals
  • New options to weigh choices and resolve conflicting priorities

My Approach to the Tarot

I am one of our area’s most trusted practitioners and am well known and respected in the broader, worldwide professional community. I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the past four decades and have taught the Tarot to hundreds of students over the past 15 or so years. I am also a lifelong mystic, empath, and intuitive.

I am a member of the American Tarot Association, Tarot Professionals, and the Tarot Association of the British Isles. These organizations encourage the highest standards for rigorous skill, knowledge and integrity. And my own code of ethics reflects my promise to offer you exceptional service and care.

My Tarot readings are for creative, motivated people who prefer to live extraordinary lives. For over 40 years, I have seen how the Tarot can open our hearts and awareness in new, powerful ways that bring soulful abundance and deeper blessings to our lives.

I would love to help you discover your true calling and most authentic self.

Let’s Meet!

laurel hillPrivately, In Person

It would be my pleasure to welcome you to the peaceful, healing space of my home in northern Durham County, North Carolina.

If we meet in person, I will encourage you to make a recording of our conversation together, using your smart phone or other recording device. You are also welcome to photograph your reading.

You can check my schedule and set up an appointment by going here.

By Phone

But it may be more convenient for you to purchase a telephone reading with me, either for yourself or as a gift reading for someone special. If we meet by phone, I will record our phone conversation (unless you specify otherwise), so that you can review it anytime.

Naturally, for phone readings, I will also email you a digital photo of the cards we’ve discussed. I will send you the links for both the recording and photo(s) via Dropbox, unless you prefer other arrangements.

If you’d like to check my appointment schedule and set up a phone reading, you can get started by going here.

At Raleigh’s Premier Metaphysical Bookstore

Also, twice a month, I am honored to be a featured reader at one of the South’s oldest and largest metaphysical stores, Dancing Moon Books in Raleigh. You can make an appointment for either an hour or a half-hour reading with me by calling them at (919) 833-8081. You can call them during their business hours, Tuesday through Sunday.

And again, I recommend that you bring a device to record our conversation, since, in my experience, your reading may continue to unfold for some time, after we’ve talked.

What To Expect

One of the reasons I encourage my clients to record their session is that often your reading will continue to unfold long after our meeting. For instance, you may gain unexpected insights from dreams afterwards, “coincidental” meetings and conversations, and sudden epiphanies.

I will make sacred space for your illumination and revelation. Thus, my reading method is a powerful combination of intuitive guidance from my spirit allies (and yours), together with the wisdom of the Tarot, which I have studied and practiced since 1972.

I am all about empowerment, and helping you trust your own inner knowing. So you can expect a friendly, upbeat conversational experience, not a one-way channeling or a spooky, weird drama. It’s about YOU, not me.

What Kind of Spreads I Use

© Osho Zen Tarot layoutIn my experience, the most effective readings are about an hour long. This can cover general overview readings, like those done with the familiar 10-card Celtic Cross layout (which, actually, I rarely use), or a month-by-month birthday layout.

It is also a comfortable amount of time for either going into depth for a single major issue, or getting several shorter readings on multiple items of concern.

I usually prefer to customize your layout so we can “cut to the chase” and dive deep into your questions efficiently and effectively.

Although it is helpful for you to give some consideration ahead of time to what you want to ask, I am glad to help you fine-tune your questions if you wish, so that the reading can be as clear and direct as possible.

In a one-hour reading, there is usually enough time to draw follow-up cards, if further clarification is needed on anything that may come up.

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