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Re-Enchanting the World

Healing Our Alliances with The Faery Realms

Once upon a time, humans did not consider themselves the crown of creation. Our ancestors would have been shocked by the modern myth that we are given sole dominion over the Earth; that we are the pinnacle of intelligent life.  That we are, by any stretch, alone.

In cultures throughout the world, even long ago in our own, it was well-known that we had neighbors – other races of beings that were intelligent and powerful in ways similar to human, yet definitely not homo sapiens.

On Saturday, June 27, still sparkling with the brilliant, magical gifts of Summer Solstice, I invite you to a very special afternoon, in which we will explore this forgotten wisdom and learn why it matters so much now. I am pleased to welcome you to a very different kind of day:

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Re-Enchanting the World:
Healing Our Alliances with The Other Realms
Saturday, June 27, 2015
1pm – 6pm

The Shining Ones. The Silver Bloods.The Sidhe. The Good Folk. The Yunwi Tsunsdi. The Spirit People. The lare or genii loci. The Faery Races.

In every single human culture, from time beyond memory, there has been a glistening, common thread of experience: the presence of Others – human-like, but decidedly not human beings who dwell among us.

Detail from Merlin and the Faerie Queen by John DuncanAre they a race of Gods? Aliens stranded here from another planet?  Malevolent imps that create misfortune and mischief?  Or just tales for children, the fanciful, or the simple-minded?

And if they exist, who are they?  What do they want with us?  And why should we care?

As the days reach their zenith around Summer Solstice, this is the time of peak activity for the Good Folk. It therefore is the period when we typically see the most encounters between the human race, and the People of Peace, who live beside and among us.

In addition, there are escalating reports from shamans, seers, and other elders that the human and non-human realms are increasingly interpenetrating, a sort of “bleed through” of our respective worlds. This phenomenon is unprecedented in history and the oral traditions.

The timing for meeting with and better understanding our Neighbors is both ideal and urgent.

Please join me for a day of wonder and magic as we explore the edges between the realms of Faery and humanity.  We will

  • learn who and what the Faery races might be, and why they matter in our modern world.
  • revisit and learn from our own memories and relationships with the Good Folk.
  • practice some of the fundamental etiquette and guidelines when encountering our Cousins.
  • discover our own personal alliance with these beings, and learn how our own fate and theirs are intertwined.
  • discuss why reconnecting with the People of Peace may be pivotal to the future well-being of us all.

The ultimate intention of this workshop is to find ways in which we can restore joy and understanding in our relationships with the other intelligent beings with whom we share this planet.  By so doing, we will discover amazing new ways to reinvigorate our own lives, our ways of relating to our Mother Earth, and our understanding of one another.

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This Workshop Will Fill Up Fast!

Due to space limitations, this class is open to only the first 8 people who enroll. Join with other spirit-centered people like yourself as we reach out the hand of friendship to beings far older and more powerful than we have may been led to believe.

This is an opportunity to spend a magical afternoon that you will remember for years to come; a time that can open new doors of alliances and wisdom that will enhance your life and .. who knows.. perhaps even change the world.

Laurel HillWhere:

It is my honor to offer you the hospitality of my home that we call Laurel Hill, in northern Durham County.

As my friends and clients who have visited here agree, this is a unique location, filled with warmth, healing, and a magical energy that is very loving. Best of all, it is a powerful Gateway between the human and Faery worlds.

Anyone who has taken my classes will tell you that you can expect lots of laughter and fun, while also experiencing powerful shifts and awakenings in your awareness.


No experience necessary, but I ask that participants be able to move comfortably into guided meditative states, and to be respectful of boundaries and energetic edges.

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The Bottom Line

The investment for this intimate, illuminating afternoon is $70. Handouts and materials are naturally included, and light snacks will be provided. If you have special needs, please let me know.

PLUS: This is an ideal companion class for the May 30 workshop, Working with your Guides, Guardians, and Allies. Sign up for both and receive a $10 rebate in June.

Don’t delay.  Reservations are limited to the first eight paid enrollments, so sign up today.

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I look forward to having you join us in this work of discovery, delight, and deep healing.

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