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Reading for Others: How to Share and Serve with the Tarot

What Do You Do When Someone Asks You to Read Their Cards?

As soon as your friends discover that you can read the Tarot, they will begin asking for readings. But as you already know, Tarot is not a toy, and its power can be startling.

How do you handle it when your work colleague asks you to see if their partner is cheating? What happens when you find out way more than you wanted to know about your brother-in-law? How do you handle it if someone’s reading looks really grim? What if you know someone is not being honest with you?

This is where you can find out!

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Health Touch NC Conference Center, Durham, NC
12pm – 5:30pm $70

If you want to be of service with your Tarot readings, this is how to create a lifetime-strong foundation.

Learn how to be a respected reader and a more skillful communicator, how to protect your (and their) boundaries, and avoid potentially harmful rookie mistakes.

Get ready for lots of hands-on practice, as we discuss ways to responsibly conduct readings for people who want to check your cards and you out. Plus we’ll have lots of time and flexibility to address the experiences you have had with the cards since you attended my prior classes.

This workshop focuses on the wise practice of Tarot with friends and family, as well as what to consider if you are thinking about making the transition to reading for paying clients.

Prerequisite: Planting the Seed and/or The Wisdom Journey (sorry, no exceptions)

Our workshop in December includes:

  •  First do no harm: The power of Tarot, for better or worse.
  •  Working with the querent to develop intentional, meaningful questions that lead to helpful, powerful answers..
  •  How to protect yourself, and why you’d want to.
  •  Advanced work with the Major Arcana.
  •  Learn more about sacred space, using your intuitive abilities, and healthy psychic boundaries.
  •  Group readings — Lots of practice in teams and in pairs.
  •  Designing effective layouts and spreads.
  • Are you thinking of charging for your readings? A few things to consider.
    Please note: I will be offering an in-depth class on how to successfully “go pro” sometime next year, depending on interest.

Reading for other people is not for everyone, but if you feel called to be of service in this powerful, generous way, I will help you learn how to do so with integrity and skill. 

One of the things I am MOST passionate about is helping new readers avoid trouble and develop outstanding skills. I want you to be able to serve with confidence and become a successful ambassador of Tarot. This is the class I created to do so! I hope you will join us!

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Here’s what previous class participants have said:

  • “Never quite got in tight with the Tarot? Lacking confidence in your skills? Fear no more. Beth will help you find your inner Tarot Diva! She got me over a lifelong disability of suffering from Tarot Intimidation. Cured me. I love it now! So just head to her page and give it a look. I am a fan, you could be too.”
  • “Beth is THE best instructor ever…this is the place to learn… Oh and it’s lot of fun too…. Beth ranks up there as one of the most amazing women who has come into my life. So, if you’ve ever been interested in the Tarot, please go to Beth and learn from her…”
  • “Definitely exceeded my expectations!”
  • “Really helped me form a relationship with the cards.”
  • “Fantastic, fun, and a super bargain!”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 15!”
  • “I enjoyed every minute, and only wished it didn’t have to end!”
  • “Great exercises for practical exposure and understanding.”
  • “I loved the intuitive practice and teaming up with others for readings.”

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