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I am part of this moment
in equipoise, eyes narrow
ready to leap.

~ Asheya Ragna, excerpt from We’Moon 2017

Harvest Moon 2020 Tarot Card: The Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

In this Harvest Moon week, we are visited by a fiery court card friend who reminds us: no one can rob you of your power without your permission. Continue Reading …

Freedom Fridays, Lesson 18: Be Calm When the Unthinkable Arrives

This week in Freedom Fridays, we look at what I believe is the most pivotal, climactic tool in the playbook of those who would establish a tyranny. Continue Reading …

Justice Fair, in Equal Measure: A Blessed Mabon to Us All

Blessed Equinox! May you reap sweet abundance and goodness of every kind. May you and your loved ones stay safe, protect one another, and thrive. Continue Reading …

4 Luminous Sparks

Opening the Gate This Equinox: Hail and Welcome the Knight of Cups

This week, our hearts may safely guide us, as long as we agree to remain alert, calm, and guarding wisely the chalice of love most precious to us. Continue Reading …

Freedom Fridays: Lesson 17 – Listen for Dangerous Words

This week, we look at trigger words common to tyranny. Because those who insist liberty is the trade-off for safety usually intend to deny you both. Continue Reading …

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Tarot Card of New Moon Week, Sept. 14-20, 2020: The Lovers

This week’s card assures us that despite these times of catastrophic loss, we are called to respond in love, even when it is the much harder path. Continue Reading …

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