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The thankful receiver
bears a plentiful harvest.

~ William Blake

Tarot Card of the Week, Nov. 18-24, 2019: Eight of Wands

The sky and the strong wind have moved the spirit inside me till I am carried away trembling with joy.
Uvavnuk, 19th century Inuk woman poet and healer

Just in time for this week’s ingress of the Sun into high-flying, fiery Sagittarius, and the end of Mercury retrograde (can I get an “Amen!”?) we welcome the inspiring appearance of the Eight of Wands.

This is the only one of Pamela Colman Smith’s Minor Arcana cards with no human figure or parts in it. In fact, there are no figures, animals, or celestial bodies of any sort. This, then, is a universal message that is not tied to any one situation, but appears to reflect something about energy itself.

After all, the Wands represent the qualities of fire, magic, desire, change, and growth. And the eights of the Tarot are about abilities, self-directed action, and moving ahead. So here we see vitality at its essence – in motion, focused, and without hindrance from any particular circumstance or personality.

Yet we can also see that this is not chaos. These Wands are moving swiftly forward in an orderly, intentional way. Flying like arrows, they are all in alignment and balance — not an easy feat to re-create, despite its apparent simplicity as captured at this moment.

Full Speed Ahead

As mentioned, this is the week when Mercury, planet of travel, communication, and technology, shifts from retrograde, and heads direct again. All those missteps, delays, and glitches we may have been enduring should begin to clear up considerably.

So if you have been in a time when important matters in your world have slowed down, or seemed unsatisfactory, get ready. Forces are aligning that can now move you ahead. The Eight of Wands shows activity zooming forward, as long as your objectives are clear.

Arthur Waite described this card as “the arrows of love.” Where are you aiming your passion and love? Who or what is now the target of your desire?

As the holidays loom, many of us are probably making travel plans and engaged in a whirlwind of preparation. But rather than being drawn into a maelstrom of busyness or draining stress, the Eight of Wands encourages us to prioritize and organize so that we are easily moving everything forward, in a well-coordinated harmony.

This emphasis on organization and tidy progress works beautifully with the Virgo Moon that will Grace us (pun intended!) during this week.

After so many powerful challenges from the Tarot that we have received in recent weeks, we are now invited to set aside introspection, reticence, or doubts. It’s time to launch into action.

What goals are you working towards? How can you better manage your activities, so that everything works with simple elegance? What previous impediments and detours can now be resolved?

The wands are headed downward, straight for their target. If your aim has been true, happy completions are on their way.

This week, let the changing season’s sky and wind move your spirit and carry you away, trembling with joy.

A brief note: I have been realizing for some time that my rather detailed weekly essays are not really sustainable any longer. So if you notice this one is unusually brief (at least for my usual style), please just know I am experimenting with this undertaking, in order to continue to serve you without wiping me out for days afterwards.

Thanks as always for your support. I am truly honored to be of service and to offer this as a gift from my heart to yours.
– Beth

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