Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

New Pathways, New Blessings: A Year of Enchantment

As frequent visitors here know, I have organized my website into two main categories: Enchantment and Illumination.

By “enchantment,” I not only refer to the newer meaning (circa 1300 C.E.), having to do with the creation of a magical act or spell, but to its older Latin roots – to sing (cantare) into or upon (in).

With our voices, our imaginations, our dreams, and our everyday activities, our lives can sing in harmony with the primordial powers of our planet and our companion inhabitants. By this harmony, we align with the greater good and healing of our Living Mother Earth. This, in turn, offers healing and wholeness for us.

Enchantment is a mutual process of noticing, bringing to consciousness, and thus enhancing the energies all around us. The result is that this intentional beauty opens a Gate for a more fluid, mutually beneficial flow between all of our worlds, particularly the world of Nature, and the invisible realms.

Sacred Space in Tower Times

As we are all painfully aware, the old dinosaur systems of greed, domination, and fear are lashing out with venomous fury as they face their final unraveling.

It is particularly painful that the living planet of Gaia, and the heterodox intelligences and realms have been, by turns, exploited, demonized, and persecuted by the current paradigm. But this is exactly what is hastening the old order’s inevitable downfall. Thus, I believe we are living in the “Tower Times” of its last gasp.

But in the meantime, these death throes have already been extremely destructive, and there will be more peril to come.

We, as women and men of spirit and magick, are doing our best to stand clear of the collapse, and are holding space for a new beginning.

Calling the Awakeners and Edge-Walkers

I am convinced that one by one, we can and are making a difference.

But by joining our vision and voices together with clarity and intention, we can profoundly counteract the dark enthrallment that is entangling our civilization in webs of despair.

Our gatherings will affirm and augment the sacred enchantment that is the very soul of our world.  By turning away from the dissolution, and instead weaving spells of beauty and inspiration, we can help midwife this Great Turning.

So, starting at Midsummer-tide in June, I invite you to join me as we explore ways to deepen our skills of enchantment.

My intention for this year-long journey is to help us:

  • nurture our alliances with our Good Green Earth and all Her children
  • enrich robust alliances with one another as we hold strong against the tide of toxicity
  • remain invigorated, adaptable, hopeful, and clear as we create new harmonies for a peaceful, more magical and modern human destiny.

Our world is a place of enchantment, and I have long known that I am a priestess of nurturing and remembering our human part of that enchantment.

I want to help you awaken and refine your own unique skills as a diviner, change-maker, shape-shifter, healer, and Earth Whisperer.

How This Will Work

I will be offering a series of intimate, private workshops that loosely coordinate with the eight sabbats of the Wheel of the Year.

Similar in format to my “Tarot Boutiques,” they will be here at my home, Laurel Hill Cottage.

Starting with The Magic of Midsummer, and moving into the observances of Lughnassadh‘s first harvests, the blessings of Mabon, and so on (see dates below), these small gatherings will be opportunities to deepen your knowledge and abilities in a celebratory, enchanted circle.

You are welcome to select any or all of them as they become available.

However, it is one of my goals that this be a vehicle in which we can form and strengthen alliances and friendships with each other. Therefore, I want to encourage continuity if at all possible. As we progress, previous participants will get “first dibs.”

Please Note: these are not workshops designed for neophytes that have never participated in magical rituals or training.

I welcome instead men and women who already have a personal, ongoing practice of Earth-centered spirituality.

The First Half of Our Enchanted Year – Save These Dates:

June 23: The first class, Tending and Strengthening Our Faery Alliances, has now concluded.Thank you to all who joined us!

August 19: First Harvests and Magickal Prosperity – A beautiful, courageous group of souls. Thank you for attending

September 15: Mabon Harvest Blessings – A Celebration of Homecoming Magick. Postponed indefinitely, alas, due to health issues. Rescheduling TBA.

Nov. 18: Honoring the Ancestors: Alliances with the Beloved Dead. Registration TBA.

Nov. 25: The Fourteenth Annual Solstice Sun Wheel Ceremony Begins (no charge, all are welcome). Registration TBA.

If This Calls to You, Please Join Us

Ours is the challenge and the honor to awaken and make visible the magic and beauty already present in the worlds, by our intentional magick. While the Tower falls, we shall chant, sing, bear witness, share stories, and offer soul sustenance to one another.

Together we will resonate and intone with the deep enchantment that ever was, and ever shall be.

Blessed be.