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My Readings: Thank you for 50 Years

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UPDATED June 10, Solar Eclipse and New Moon, 2021:
About My Tarot Reading Services

In March this year, a number of factors persuaded me that it was time to downsize my Tarot practice, and I began offering my readings for previous clients only.

Since then, as these things often do, this new direction has made itself extremely clear and insistent to me. Maybe it’s because I am undergoing some big Pluto transits (with a bunch of Mars angles, too. Wheee!).

Or maybe it’s because I am an all-in kind of woman, and I find it nearly impossible to multi-task things that are of tremendous importance to me.

But the result is that as of today, June 10, I have retired from my professional readings practice, in order to augment my time for writing (LOTS of writing!), teaching, and Priestessing.

Fifty Years of Serving You

I know that my official 50th anniversary of reading the cards isn’t until next year, and trust me – we will celebrate together! Besides, I am not finished serving as your Tarot guide. I plan to continue teaching, and I am now totally focused on writing those Tarot books I’ve been promising and musing on for ages.

So I am not gone, I am simply changing the scope of my service to a broader audience (I hope).

Look for More Changes Coming

In the next month or so, I will be revamping my website to reflect my new journey. Be on the lookout for updates and announcements (I am SO excited about this, I can barely contain myself! I hope you will be, too!).

For ONLY a short while longer, I will still be offering my Soul Card kits. But don’t worry —  my blog posts and Card of the Week will continue indefinitely. And maybe a new feature will be added for you.

Also, as mentioned, I am determined to resume offering classes later this year, because teaching is one of my truest loves. Whether they are via Zoom, in person, or some sort of hybrid remains to be seen. Please stay tuned.

With All My Heart

As for my Tarot readings, I want to thank all of the thousands of people who have come to me for guidance, especially in the last 20 years when I was persuaded to “go pro.”

To all the friends I read for at Dancing Moon Books, at Witchcamps and magickal retreats, via housecalls and at coffee shops, and especially the beautiful stream of seekers I have met with by phone and here at Laurel Hill Cottage, I bow in deepest gratitude.

Your presence in my life has been a great honor and I have learned so much from you in every meeting.
Our journey together has made me a most blessed woman.
Thank you for your many years of support, trust, and friendship.

But now, that particular chapter is closed and I am happy and excited about my shifting priorities.

Don’t worry! I am not about to fade off into the sunset just yet! I’m looking forward to the new directions my life is taking. They are very good ones. Please come along with me —

I can’t wait to share this new journey with you!
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