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My Readings: Big Changes Now Underway

An Important Announcement About My Tarot Reading Services

As of March, 2021, I have decided to downsize my Tarot practice, and will be offering my readings for previous clients only. This also means my schedule will be much more limited.

The only exception might be if you are a referral from one of my close colleagues.

This is effective immediately.

How it will Work

If you have had a reading from me in the past, or have a pending gift certificate –

— I will be available for a phone appointment on a very limited basis. (Please note: until the pandemic subsides significantly, we cannot meet in person).

Please email me, remind me of when we last met, and I will notify you of the days and times I can offer you an appointment. I will then send you my TimeTrade® invitation, which will show our agreed upon date, time, phone number, and other important details for our reading.

After you’ve confirmed and paid (via PayPal), we’re all set.

As has been the case for many years, my fee is $125 an hour.

☛  As has also long been the case, payment in advance is required, and there are no refunds or returns for no-shows or cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

If you have not had a reading from me in the past –

 — but have a referral from one of my close colleagues, let me know via email. If I can accommodate you, we will proceed as described above and I will offer you a time when we can meet. Once you have accepted my invitation, and I have received your payment, we’re good.

— but you are a new (to me) client, I am sorry, but we won’t be able to meet.

This is Not a Bad Thing

I will still be offering my Soul Card kits, and other magical herbal items. And my blog posts will continue, too.

I have not yet decided what to do about my classes and workshops. I am a very reluctant online instructor, since my classes are highly personalized and dependent on reading and responding to subtle energies that are not available by online methods. The exception will be my upcoming OLLI series in May, 2021.

Therefore, I am hoping to resume offering in-person classes and my Tarot Boutiques later this year, because teaching is one of my truest loves.

As for my Tarot readings, please know that I have not arrived at this decision lightly, and, naturally, I have some mixed feelings about it. But I am happy and excited about my shifting priorities and I’m looking forward to the new directions my life is taking.

They are very good ones. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.