Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Illumination: To Will

“The underground river of creation curves on beneath the surface of life, its inspiring waters ever available to refresh and bring sparkle to daily life.” Caitlín Matthews

If you could make a wish and manifest your juiciest dreams, what might that look like? Visit here for creative inspiration and powerful ongoing support as you give birth to the holy masterwork that is your life.

When we can see what is in front of us (Illumination), To Will is how we get fired up, build a head of steam, and tap into our creative source. Unsurprisingly, To Will is associated with the element of Fire. So its focus is passion, excitement stirred by our yearnings, and our willingness to initiate transformation.

In this section, I encourage you to become more clearly aware of the life-pulse of sacred desire within you, as well as the creation that longs to be manifest through you.

Here you will find my Tarot Card of the Week essays. I have been pulling and sharing a card with my visitors every Monday since 2003.

This section will also direct you to some of my herbal lore that is specific to the Tarot.Make a wish on the candle of desire



Tarot Card of the Week, Feb. 22-28, 2021: Seven of Pentacles

This week, our card asks us to pause and surrender to the Earth’s own wisdom. Thus, we learn that the pace of Nature is a gift, not an obstacle.

Beth Owl Tarot Card of the Week Ten of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week, Feb. 15-21, 2021: Ten of Cups

A rare visit from this card demonstrates that we are being given the power for healing, forgiveness, and peace when our hearts overflow with Good.

Tarot Card of the Lunar New Year Week, Feb. 8-14, 2021: Three of Wands

This intensely Aquarian week of the Lunar New Year, blessed with the golden power of our creative, magical Wands, we can begin a fresh new future.

Tarot Card of Imbolc Week, Feb. 1-7, 2021: The High Priestess

This sacred week, we welcome the turning of the Wheel with the blessings of this great Priestess, who waits for us at the doorway to the Temple.

Tarot Card of the Full Moon Week, Jan. 25-31, 2021: The Hermit

This week, we receive clarity with which to see the bigger picture of our truth. Solitude offers healing; stillness brings wisdom. Let us shine.

Tarot Card of the Week, January 18-24, 2021: Ten of Wands

This week we’re shown that taking on too much can be ego’s folly, and the toxic myth of the lonely, rugged, overwhelmed individual is so last era.

Tarot Card of the New Moon Week, Jan. 11-17, 2021: Nine of Swords

This week we are given a challenge to deepen our compassion for ourselves and all beings. Its somber awakening is a Great Awakening for us all.

The First Card of the Week for 2021: Jan. 4-10: King of Cups

My first Tarot card of 2021 reminds us that in gentleness, there is tremendous power. Not by force, but with empathy, profound change is possible.

Beth Owl's Card of the Week, Aug. 20-26, 2018

The New Moon Solar Eclipse Week of Dec. 14-20, 2020: Page of Pentacles

This week we are navigating the cosmic winds of epochal change. What seeds will you plant for this New Moon like no other before in our lifetimes?

Tarot Card of the Week Between Eclipses, Dec. 7-13, 2020: Temperance

In view of the incomprehensible global death and pain from the pandemic, this week’s card offers powerful guidance. The flow of life continues.