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Triangle Tarot and Friends Meetup: Reading, Reading, Anniversary Party


We'll be making up our cancelled January Meetup, plus celebrating our 15th Anniversary.

From 6pm (dinner) 7pm (program) until 9pm

At (Location available only to members)

No charge, donations welcome.

Beth Owl's Daughter /

Sadly, we had to cancel our Jan. Meetup because of the snowstorm. So we'll be combining last month's plans of discussing some of our favorite Tarot "reads" (books!), and also offering each other practice readings.

In addition, I will offer a brief overview of the year 2018 as the Tarot year of the Justice card.

And we are VERY happy to be celebrating 15 continuous years of Tarot Meetups here in the Triangle! Join us!

As always, please bring your "show-and-tell" decks, books, and Tarot adventure tales to share.