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The 2020 Advent Sun Wreath Circle Ceremony: The 2nd Candle


Tonight at sunset we light the Second candle on our Advent-Solstice wreath

At Wherever you are - safe at your home, or with loved ones.

It's time to light the second candle in our annual Advent ceremony, also known as the Solstice Sun Wheel Prayer Circle.

As before, we will gather at our homes, alone or with loved ones, every Sunday evening through Yule (and/or Christmas) at dusk. As night falls across the Earth, thousands will be joining our circle, with prayer and celebration.

The main instructions can be found on the pull-down menu "Advent 2020," and every Sunday I will be posting suggestions specific to that evening's lighting.

All are welcome, you can't do it "wrong," and you can start and join any time until it's over at Solstice or Christmas (whichever you prefer).