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The 2016 Advent Sun Wreath Circle Ceremony: Fourth Lighting


Tonight we light the FOURTH candle on our Advent wreath

At your home, or with loved ones, wherever you are.

It's time to light the FOURTH candle in our annual Advent ceremony, also known as the Solstice Sun Wheel Prayer Circle.

We began on Sunday, Nov. 27th, with the first candle, then lit the 2nd one on Dec. 4, and the 3rd last week on the 11th. Tonight, we'll re-light each of them one by one, and then light the 4th one for the first time.

Please Note: Even if you missed out before now, it does not matter. You can begin any Sun Day, since we go back and re-light the previous candles from prior weeks. Please join us — your energy and good wishes are most welcome.

In Pagan traditions, this candle frequently represents the direction of North, and the Element of Earth. North and Earth are connected to the sacred land and all creatures who dwell upon it, the time of midnight, the season of Winter, and the ancestors. Its symbol is the Pentagram.

For many Christians, this fourth candle is sometimes called the Angel Candle, and is in remembrance of the divine songs of the heavenly host, who announced the coming of the King – which is also why this candle is sometimes the royal purple. This would be the perfect occasion to sing Advent hymns, which are focused, not yet on the celebration, but the anticipation (for the Child has still not yet been born).

Others consider this the Candle of Peace. But most denominations seem to agree that if the previous three candles represented hope, peace, and joy, then tonight’s flame is the Candle of Love.

Remember that all faiths, beliefs, and viewpoints can participate. I have some additional suggestions for Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and secular participants. For details, including the over-arching intention of this year's ceremony, please go here.