Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Reading for Others: Share and Serve with the Tarot

3500 Westgate Dr, Suite 405, Durham, NC

Learn to read the Tarot with skill and excellence

From 12pm until 5:30pm

At Health Touch NC

3500 Westgate Dr, Suite 405, Durham, NC


Beth Owl's Daughter /

As soon as your friends discover that you can read the Tarot, they will begin asking for readings. But as you know, the Tarot is not a toy, and its power can be startling.

If you want to be of service with your Tarot readings, this is how to create a lifetime-strong foundation.

Learn how to be a respected reader and a more skillful communicator, how to protect your (and their) boundaries, and avoid potentially harmful rookie mistakes

We'll be focusing on the wise practice of Tarot with friends and family, as well as tips for making the transition to reading for paying clients.

Get ready for lots of hands-on practice, as we discuss ways to responsibly conduct readings for people who want to check your cards and you out.

Plus we'll have lots of time and flexibility to address the experiences you have had with the cards since you attended my prior classes.

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