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Mercury Turns Retrograde


Several times each year, it appears from Earth that the planet Mercury's orbit goes backwards around the Sun. This has big astrological implications.

Because Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, business endeavors, and travel, when it is in its retrograde period, those matters can go a bit haywire. 

The most turbulence can occur when slowing down and switching directions, like today. (Please remember -- this is not actually happening to Mercury's orbit! It's from our perspective on Earth). Like a car changing gears, the transition period can be the most uncertain.

Plan ahead by backing up your computer and tech devices, double-check travel plans, triple check before you hit "Send," pad extra time for delays, and do your best to stay calm and organized. 

Mercury retrograde is not the best time to sign contracts, start a new enterprise or agreement, or have off-the-cuff conversations of any importance. If you simply must, scrutinize every detail slowly and carefully.

But it's not all bad! Mercury retrograde is wonderful for reviewing past endeavors, reflecting, and slowing down the pace.

In this transitional time during the season of Imbolc, you are given this profound opportunity to contemplate where you have been, and how you might want to go forward.

Mercury will station direct again Feb. 20. Until then, mind your words and watch your step.