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International Tarot Day 2020


Celebrating All Things Tarot on This Day Every Year

Although other commemorative dates have been floating around for a while (and I was even an early-days booster), I fear that over the years some have devolved a bit into a commercialized competition.

Besides, in my view, what better Tarot Day could there be than All Fool's?

So as not to ruffle any feathers (or invite litigious response!), for a couple of years I called it Interplanetary Tarot Day as a little Fool's ribbing.

But in this new decade with a much-changed, uncertain world, I feel it deserves a more genuine and substantial sponsorship.

Therefore, instead of "World" (or my tongue-in-cheek "Interplanetary") Tarot Day, as of 2020, I am officially naming it International. Subtle, right?

To celebrate, I will be offering prizes and fun, so please check my blog today for announcements.