Inspiring Enchantment & Illumination with Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Enchantment: To Dare

“Open now the ancient ways of life in love with land. Open now the Hawthorne Road, as we extend our hand.” Orion Foxwood

Dare to step into the realms of enchantment. Weave your dreams’ desires, and meet at the crossroads with the spirit friends and powers that have called your secret name since before time began.

Daring is required when we unfurl our wings. It is to risk the uncertainty while waiting for your desired outcomes.

It is also how we surrender to the flow, and dare to walk the edges of our humanity and our immortality. We welcome the company of the Mystery, and embrace our intuition.

In this section, you will find my articles about Guardians, Guides, and Allies; our animal spirit friends, and the Good Folk we share this planet with. I also include my discussions about herbal magick and owls.

I encourage you to feel the joy that is given back as these beings know they are being recognized and praised.

Your spirit eyes will open and you will recognize how enchantment flows from your heart, to your voice, to the world, and back again.Arthur Rackham Changeling

And the Winners Are…

Congratulations to our five winners in the International Tarot Day contest for 2021! What a joy to hear from so many wonderful friends! Thank you!

Join the Fun! Win Prizes! Let’s Celebrate Tarot Today!

Please join me for the 2nd annual International Tarot Day! Strictly for fun, joy, and celebration of All Things Tarot, I’m offering prizes and more.

International Tarot Day 2021

Although other commemorative dates had been floating around for a while (and I was even an early-days booster), I fear that over the years some devolved into an unfortunate commercialized competition. Besides, in my view, what better Tarot Day could there EVER be than All Fool’s? So as not to ruffle any feathers (or invite Read more

Happy Birthday, Most Magical Pixie!

Please join me in taking a moment to send birthday blessings today to the memory of this gifted, complex, magical woman, to whom we owe so much.

Magical Mysterious Yuletide Gifts and the Christmas Candle

Today is THE day for one of the most magical abundance spells ever. And if you are celebrating Christmas it’s time to light the final candle.

The Heart Sings the Birth of May: Blessed May Eve!

This night, the doors between the human realm and the real, primal worlds fly open. Dance into this enchantment, blessed by the most ancient magic.

And the Winners Are …

What a fantastic response from everyone! Thanks to all who entered my International Tarot Day extravaganza. I’m delighted to announce the winners.

Happy International Tarot Day!

Please join me for the 1st annual International Tarot Day! Strictly for fun, joy, and celebration of All Things Tarot, I’m offering prizes and more.

Happy Birthday to My First Book (…so far!)

For those of you who don’t know, besides my dedication to the Tarot, another form of the magick I weave in the world is as a life-long Deadhead.

A Last Minute Post for March 17, Or Consider It an Early Post for Wordless Wednesday

Even if the parades are cancelled, and you must self-isolate, our courage and joy need not be lost. Here’s proof from the lands of my ancestors.