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Wordless Wednesday: The Snow Storm of Feb. 2019

There are some big advantages to living in North Carolina. This is our snowpocalypse from the big Winter Storm now blasting through some 39 states. Continue Reading …

Wordless Wednesday: Orion and the Matterhorn

As an antidote to this week of epidemic logorrhea, take a few moments to pause and bask in the beauty of The Hunter and the icy Swiss mountains. Continue Reading …

A Brief Delay – Friday into Tuesday…

This week’s Freedom Fridays installment will be delayed until after the Card of the Week on Monday, so I can focus on my upcoming workshop. Thanks! Continue Reading …

Now We Are Six (-ty Five)

Now I am six! As clever as clever! And I think I’ll stay six now for ever and ever! Okay, actually, it’s six-TY FIVE. But I think I might prefer six. Continue Reading …

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Every Day Is Sacred: The Beloved Dead

(click to enlarge)

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Missing Me on Facebook?

NEWS FLASH: In response to the following post from this morning, my friend and web support Goddess, Shari, put together a petition on my behalf. If you agree, please sign and share. Not sure how I’ll get it to The Right People, but it’s a powerful start! Thank you!!!   An Update July 17:Continue reading Read more

Thursday Quote (and Birthday) of the Day

Thank you for your leadership, your courage, your unwavering vision. We are so grateful for your birth day.

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Blessings, Joy, and Peace on Earth

May you and yours be blessed. (If you haven’t already, today is the day to light your fifth and final Advent candle).

Not Completely Wordless Wednesday

The Underground River of Creation Revisited

As long as I am offering some encore posts, here’s one that is more recent, from last year.  But I think that, having concluded our Artist’s Way work, yet perhaps only just now really beginning our path as creators, this might bear repeating.  Blessings!  — Beth The Celtic Spirit Daily Meditations for the Turning YearContinue reading Read more

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