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Welcome to a New Day

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The holy things we need for healing and sustenance are almost always
the same as the ordinary things right in front of us.
Nadia Bolz-Weber

Hello, dear friends and faithful readers!

I am so thrilled to welcome you to my new digital home!

Yep, it’s the same URL address, but check it out! You’ll notice right away that it’s a completely refreshed look… and purpose.

And I am especially excited that you are here with me for this very personal journey, because YOU are why I am here.

About Being a Reader

You see, for going on 50 years, I’ve been reading the Tarot cards. And teaching Tarot. And reviewing, writing about, and promoting All Things Tarot. In fact, for the last two decades, I was a very successful full-time professional Tarot consultant.

But one of the constant themes in my sessions with you, my beloved clients and friends, is that it is vital to honor one’s deepest callings. Over and over, I have seen the toll life can take when people do not listen to the still, quiet voice within.

And you, my friends, have demonstrated how a whole world can blossom in unexpected, gorgeous ways, just by taking that leap of faith towards our heart’s desire.

The Super Hero Shuffle

But that couldn’t be me! After all, Tarot is my passion!

It was love at first sight all those years ago, when I first clapped eyes on the Waite-Smith deck in Gainesville, Florida’s Subterranean Circus, right between the waterbeds and the bongs. And yes, I have been smitten with the cards ever since.

Besides, I was different. I thought I could DO IT ALL: like some kind of superhero. Why couldn’t I be a successful Tarot reader by day and a brilliant, best-selling author by night? Maybe leap some tall buildings and take a bullet or two while I’m at it?

Heck, I could name a lot of my colleagues who have managed all this, and even more! So why couldn’t I?

I tried, I really did. I experimented with reserving two days a week for writing, and four for Tarot. I tried the other way around. And the exponential number of the different possible combinations of working 5, 6, and 7 days a week. Plus teaching, and, you know, life on the side. On and on it went.

Years passed.

Beth teaching classroom studentsMeantime, I confess I was also reluctant to change what was familiar and safe. I am devoted to the Tarot, my clients are as dear to me as family, and I revere my amazing Tarot-y friendships with colleagues and the community.

Maybe most of all, I have treasured every class I have taught and nearly every reading I have given.

But time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future…

For a long time, I have known that I wanted to compile my Card of the Week posts into a handy reference book. And for a long time (see previous paragraphs) I tried.

The tipping point came, though, when, in the space of three years, I was clobbered not once, not twice, but with three different, potentially life-threatening kinds of cancer. And all the treatments and challenges that come along with that.

And then, just as I was starting to get my mojo back, Covid shattered the world.

Lesson Received, Loud and Clear

I have realized that I am simply not like my other accomplished and amazing associates. Turns out I can’t seem to multi-task my bliss; I am an all-in kind of gal.

So you have seen me taper off my availability for readings over the past months, until, on July 1, my final appointment was completed.

(Thank you, Lady Universe – it was a doozy, just fabulous! And to ALL my thousands of clients — you know who you are — thank you with all my heart).

Meantime, behind the scenes, my gloriously talented tech Goddess, Shari Smith, has been helping me re-invent my entire website to accommodate this new direction in my life. She has especially been working her magic to ensure that it is much more mobile friendly and meets all the latest standards and requirements for a streamlined, professional performance.

But I promise, I am not about to fade away. Instead, I am embracing the dream I have had since I was a very little girl, which has always been to write books.

If you’ve read all the way down this far without tuning out, thank you. And thank you for continuing onward with me in this new endeavor.

What To Expect

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore, and check out my new design. There’s a handy Come on In page to show you around. It’s even got a fun little contest (yes, with prizes)!

I plan to continue blogging as I have been in recent years — noting the sacred holidays (including our annual Advent Sun Wreath ceremony), the seasonal changes, and celebrating with you the blessed gifts of our life together on this holy planet. These posts will be sent to everyone who has signed up to receive them.Waite-Smith tarot deck pendulum scarf crystal

And for everyone who has asked, yes, indeed, I will also continue posting my Card of the Week each week (usually on Mondays). As has been the case for the last 18 years, they are my offering to you every week, also winging their way to the inboxes of everyone who asks.

In addition to all that, I will also be sharing my authoring progress from time to time. Being a blogger and freelancer is very different from entering the book publishing world, and I expect it will be quite a journey. I dearly hope you will accompany me as I learn my way around.

The Previous Website

So what about all those articles and essays spanning June, 2003 to July, 2021? Three thousand, two hundred, seventy six, give or take. In other words, what about my previous website’s content?

I have decided to keep everything previously written in a special archive. Although the media and images for my posts will no longer be there, every word I’ve written will be available for anyone who is interested.

Because that, too, is my writing. It turns out that wordsmithing was my first love all along, and is the most authentic gift I can offer to you.

With a grateful heart overflowing,
Beth written in blue ink script



21 Luminous Sparks

“Heart is what drives us
and determines our fate.”
~ Isabel Allende

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