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Welcome to the Birthday Club!

Many people who love you will try, but no one can celebrate your birthday exactly the way you need for it to be observed. That’s because no one really knows the year you’ve just completed; no one else has lived it….Your husband, lover, children, friends, and co-workers can be aware of recent events that have unfolded in your life, but only your authentic self knows how deeply these events reverberated…
~ A Birthday Ritual, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

If you’ve known me (especially on Facebook!) for a while, you have probably figured out that I love, love, love birthdays!

I am constantly wishing everyone I know (and probably even a few I don’t!) a Happy Birthday and blessings for their Tarot card of the year.

I think that having one’s own personal holiday, where we can bask in the glow of our Solar return; where friends and family take time out to wish us happiness and blessings (and hopefully bestow cake and gifts!); when we can mark the quiet anniversary of our beingness, in whatever ways our spirits know we need, is so wonderfuland it is important.

Rather than dreading getting another year older, it’s a time for counting our blessings, honoring our milestones, and gazing into the future.

I love commemorating the sacredness of your endings and beginnings; I love sharing the way that the Tarot works with each year’s energy in your life!

Most of all, I love feeling like I am in a divine conspiracy with your own birthday wishes! I love helping you see all your yummy possibilities from this – your most magical, personal vantage point!

So I am delighted to welcome you to the …

Beth Owl’s Daughter Birthday Club


It’s time to love your birthday again! Your birthday is sacred – so let’s really do it right!

When you blow out those birthday cake candles, you can set a powerful intention for the coming year. And I want to help you make those wishes with some real discernment and magic going for you!

That’s what my birthday club is all about!

Here’s what it includes

When you first join, you get:

  • an overview of your Soul card
  • your Personality card
  • your Shadow or Teacher card
  • your own Deluxe Soul Card kit (either the Rider-Waite-Smith or Gaian Tarot version).

Then, at the first of your birthday month, you will receive:

  • A beautiful birthday card from yours truly, featuring beloved artist Melissa Harris
  • Your Tarot Year overview
  • The first of a year-long series of monthly meditations and affirmations, working with the Tarot’s Major Arcana to make this your best year ever (so far!).

Then, if you love this the way I hope you will, you can update your membership year after year, for a very small renewal fee, and continue to receive new monthly meditations geared to each new Tarot Year. Plus, of course, your birthday card overflowing with good wishes and blessings! I’ll post all those details as we come to our 1st anniversary, and let you know.

Can you tell how jazzed I am to share this with you? I’m especially excited about sending my monthly updates to keep you focused on what how to make your birthday wishes come true!

So welcome to the Club!
I am so glad you’re here!