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Astrology Tidbits: Better News in Late October/November, 2017

Astrology Tidbits

It’s been a bumpy ride for so long, I am not sure we even know what smooth sailing is anymore.

And I don’t think any astrologers, historians, political scientists, or casual observers would suggest that life is suddenly going to be rainbows and unicorns in the days ahead.

Just ask anyone in Puerto Rico.

However, there is some astrological good news for a change. Some of the intensity and tumult of past months has eased a bit.

For instance, On Oct. 22, Mars moved into Libra where he will remain until December 9.

While Mars visits Libra, we may have a hard time making up our mind or deciding on a course to take. But once you commit, there is great energy and stamina available to launch an important new endeavor, especially if it serves justice or fairness.

Just remember, tap into the best of people-pleasing Libra when aiming to get ahead. Using Mars’ warrior energy in any sort of phony, passive-aggressive style will only backfire in the end.

Meantime, the Sun entered Scorpio October 23 and stays there until November 21. When the Sun is in Scorpio, we are often focused on deep emotions, sexuality, and intimacy. One minute we may be cool and detached, and the next, we swing to the wildly dramatic.

During this time, we will want to get to the bottom of secrets, questions, and mysteries. Avoid putting energy into situations that are dead and gone, and resist the spiteful temptation to sting.

Famed astrologer, Judy Joyce, offers her wisdom about this relatively upbeat astrological month:

As we begin the month of November we will be past the disruptive and polarizing energies of that reached their peak in late September.

This doesn’t mean everything has magically been fixed in the world, but we now will have the opportunity to work together to solve problems instead of fighting and blaming each other.

In our personal lives, we will also feel a lessening of tension. Even if nothing major was going on in our individual life, we still felt the disruptive energies in the world.

In November we can make the choice to work together to find ways to blend the old with the new. We can make needed changes that are both innovative and practical. This is shown by the trine of Saturn and Uranus. A trine indicates an easy flow and cooperation between two energies.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, organization, tradition and physical manifestation and is currently in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

Uranus is the planet of shake up and wake up, innovation and the cutting edge and is in the fire sign of Aries.

Their fire energies are compatible and this influence has the potential to enthusiastically combine innovations, discoveries and new ideas in a practical and disciplined way that can result in positive changes for our future.

Saturn trine UranusThe insights of astrologer Lance Ferguson are always pragmatic, and he offers additional advice regarding the Saturn/Uranus trine, as well as pointing to a second, very creative trine that is also forming:

This is the best month of the year for financial and business concerns, handling legal problems, travel, buying a car or computer—and for priority appointments of all kinds.

There are two powerful trines setting up in the heavens that connect big planets in harmony and thus bring a time here on Earth to take action. And for new conditions to appear that can bring success and satisfaction.

Dependable Saturn lines up in a trine to experimental Uranus on Nov 11. This marker has been in the Skywatch since last May and its powers will begin to fade after this month is over. Uranus rules cars, computers, the process of change, your friends, and the groups you belong to.

Saturn is practical, realistic, and dependable. So this is an excellent time to work with others to perfect a project and to blend the old and the new into something that improves the situation…

The second trine links philosophical Jupiter with creative and spiritual Neptune, exact on Dec 2. Both of these trines power up four to six weeks ahead of exact.

Again, we have a pair of planets that rule a sign: Pisces. Neptune is the new ruler; Jupiter is the old ruler.

This pair inspires artists, musicians, dancers and poets to create a masterpiece. Dreams and visions can be powerful with this pair who also will encourage all of us to space out and leave the material world behind, if only for a few hours…

This trine will slowly dissolve in December but returns next Spring and Summer. That means this is a good month to plant a seed that will blossom next May.


Finally, Australian astrologer Jamie Partridge offers his summary regarding the Saturn trine to Uranus:

Because of the retrograde motion of these planets, the exact aspect has already occurred twice. First in December 2016 then again in May 2017.

Saturn trine Uranus has brought order out of the chaos which resulted from the Uranus Pluto squares of the previous five years.

Saturn trine Uranus is exact on November 11 but its influence will be felt all month. Hopefully it will bridge the gap between the extremes that have developed. For example, the extreme in politics and on social issues…

Fortunately, the monthly horoscope ends on a positive note with Mercury conjunct Saturn activating, for one last time, the year-long major aspect of Saturn trine Uranus.

This will offer up some bright ideas on how to make well planned positive changes in your life.

As this trine begins to fade, let us make the most of its gifts of more possibilities, and the easing of old tensions and chaotic destruction.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you..