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WINGS Astrological Tidbits – July 2014

Astro Tidbits

Sanity and progress at last? Let’s hope…

After the intensity of the Grand Cross, the Mercury retrograde, and all the other drama we’ve been subjected to these past months, I am delighted to share good news with you.

The consensus appears to be that we’re in for a very welcome respite.

Renowned astrologer Lynn Hayes notes, “The month of July is a good time for rest and reflection and integration of changes that have occurred over the past few years so that we are prepared for the next phase of planetary influences.”

Ralfee Finn agrees, saying, “Welcome to 2014: Part 2, the retro-free second half the year, when all the planets that drive the day-to-day mechanics of daily life—Mercury, Venus, and Mars— are in forward gear, unimpeded by a cosmic impulse to reflect on the past, as well as absolutely free to move at their own pace.

“If you haven’t already experienced the ‘direct effect’ on attitudes and activities, yours or others’, don’t worry. Some transitions take more than a moment to facilitate. But if you have noticed the change of air, you could find yourself relishing the change of pace, happily making plans or simply enjoying the almost hassle-free ride.

“And while there are a couple of planetary bumps over the course of the next several weeks, it will be fairly easy to fold those obstacles into regular routines without too much disruption. So if you haven’t already, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to relax.”

At Writings In the Sky, Robert Brown shares the cheer, but also adds a note of caution:

“Hooray! Mercury went direct in Gemini July 1. Those of us who moved through the last twenty-five days without incident are lucky. The rest of us have dealt with glitches on our electronic devices, losses of personal items, and people dead set on moving forward with plans that were sure to fail.

“There were a couple of times when this astrologer wondered if there were hidden cameras filming my reaction to the outlandish behavior that had been imposed on me by the nuttiest of nuts. I will never forget this retrograde period.

“Remember, though, that the period called the shadow of Mercury retrograde lasts until July 16. That is when Mercury comes back to the point where he originally went retrograde. In the days until then you [still] may have some Mercury mishaps. It is just the release of unwanted situations that come back around for one last jab.”

MarsMars In Scorpio

In addition, it is worth noting that Mars enters Scorpio, a sign he co-rules with Pluto, on July 25.

Lance Ferguson at Skywatch writes, “This is one Mars cycle you want to know about. Scorpio plays for keeps and can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Mars travels through this powerful water sign until Sept 13 and will give everyone an energy boost.

“Used well, this is an excellent time to clean up messes and to bring order to a chaotic situation. Scorpio wants to build or destroy; Mars is excellent at both. Miracles and madness push the extremes in Scorpio. You can make a tremendous amount of progress in this cycle if you will focus and direct your will. Scorpio rules the Force; Mars increases your ability to prevail.”

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Oh My!

The other big news this month — involving the big planets, as it happens — is that Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on July 16, Saturn stations direct on July 20, and Uranus turns retrograde July 21.

Robert writes, “Jupiter has been moving through Cancer since June 25, 2013. Jupiter in Cancer represents expansion and opportunity through doing for others. Many of us have begun compassionate projects and that in turn has changed our lives for the better.

“Others of us have explored their roots connecting to lost relatives and even discovering our origins through our DNA. During this time we have come to understand that our emotional well being plays an important part in the quality of our lives.”

Jupiter in LeoJupiter moves into Leo July 16 and continues there until August 11, 2015. Robert tells us, “Fire Sign Leo is fun and Jupiter enjoys moving through this sign. Leo is about self-expression and entertainment. We are sure to see expansion in that arena as new stars and production companies come onto the scene in the months to come. The evolution of the way we watch television will continue to evolve and new and amazing gadgets will tease us to purchase them. Fun will overshadow the tough stuff of life,” he predicts.

Furthermore, he writes, “Romance and the pursuit of pleasure will come to the forefront. If you are looking for love, it is probably looking for you over the next year. Leo also rules the stock market and the games of chance. We will see and hear more than the usual fodder about both. It is said that Jupiter in Leo is not so good for the markets, so keep an eye on your investments.”

Saturn, which has been retrograde in Scorpio since March 2, goes direct July 20. Because it is so huge, our perception makes it appear that it has is come to a full stop, before making its turn.  Because Saturn specializes in limitations and restrictions, when it grinds to a stop, everything slows down and we can experience delays and blocks.

However, after the 20th, it will slowly begin to move forward,  and progress will get easier. Remember, although rarely easy, Saturn is not an enemy.  It brings definition to our lives, offers lessons about time, teaches us discipline, and gives us the structure and backbone we need, in order to manifest our dreams.

The very next day, Uranus turns retro. Lynn notes, “Before Uranus turns retrograde on the 21st it will slow down to a crawl and its energy will be more intense.  Uranus demands that we release anything from our lives that is stale or keeping us from living an authentic life.  Revolutionary activity will be heightened throughout the month of July and we will likely feel more rebellious and less tolerant of restrictions.”

Last but certainly not least, my good and brilliant friend Dan Furst notes of the July 26 New Moon, “The Dark Moon conjunct Sun in Leo is one of the true power points of the year, when the electrical, masculine energy of the Sun, ruler of Leo, is complemented by the Moon’s magnetic, feminine energy.

“This Dark Moon is an active force for productive change, with Ceres in Leo conjunct Moon and Sun, as Uranus in Aries is in a 120° trine to all three. Personal and communal intentions can move rapidly toward solid, practical results.”

Let’s hope so, and that they are for the highest good of all.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you..