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WINGS : Astrological Tidbits – August, 2014

Astro Tidbits

Take advantage of the lull …

As August winds down, some of the drama of the past months continues to recede, thankfully.

There are a few cautions along the way, but nothing in the category of the seismic drama we’ve been experiencing from April’s Grand Cross or what Elisabeth Grace calls the “never-ending Uranus-Pluto square drama.”

So for a little while, as astrologer extraordinaire Lynn Hayes says, “We have a bit of a respite from the square from Uranus to Pluto for the next couple of months.

“But,” she warns, “the tension and force for change and ultimate transformation still linger as we ourselves find rest and readjust to the new realities that the past few years have brought into our lives.”

And many, many of you are confiding to me that you are experiencing this as a strange, uncomfortable muddle, with a lot of free-floating weirdness.  Well, you’re right. It’s real.

Robert Wilkinson writes in his Aquarius Papers, “Right now we’re again experiencing a collective strangeness we all share due to the recent New Moon opposed Neptune. Add Venus square Mars conjunct Saturn and it’s no wonder there are distressing cross currents in the mists and fogs of life!

“The fact that we’re all experiencing a great weirdness doesn’t mean we’re all having the same experience of that weirdness. Some are crashing against their own ‘not knowing’ at the same time that others are awakening.”

Astrologer Robert Brown agrees, explaining, “As August rolls to a close, the Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. This can be a confusing time full of misconceptions. Some of us will have to defend ourselves against other preconceived ideas while others of us are not clear on our next move. This is a hazy time, but especially for Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Hold off making just about any decision at this time.”  It doesn’t help, either, that Neptune is in retrograde.

But then, Carl Boudreau, writes that on Sept. 3, the Sun trines Pluto at 12:08 PM (Eastern Daylight Time). “A Sun/Pluto trine,” he explains, “lets us coordinate and harmonize our goals with the goals of society and current astrological trends. It allows us to catch the wave.

Pluto, God of the Underworld and Death“The Sun/Pluto vibe is like a musical theme that begins quietly, to emerge more strongly later. For much of this time period, its beneficial influence will be in its weaker early stages. It will also be masked, first by Mars/Saturn and then by Sun/Neptune, separately and together.

“The positive Sun/Pluto aspect will emerge most strongly after the Mars/Saturn and Sun/Neptune influences have faded away.

But it is much to our advantage to focus on the influence of the growing Sun/Pluto trine immediately. If we miss it or ignore it, we risk being blown badly off course by the negative effects of Mars/Saturn and/or Sun/Neptune.  Again, patience and forbearance, clarity, and simplicity will enable us to sense and to benefit from this strongly positive Sun/Pluto trine.”

Lance Ferguson’s Skywatch reveals that early September also features, “Jupiter inconjunct Pluto which has been bubbling up in the Skywatch over the last couple of weeks and becomes an exact alignment on Sept 5.

“Think of a clock face. Put Jupiter at 12 and Pluto at 5 o’clock. That alignment creates a 150 degree angle between the two planets that astrologers call an inconjunct or quincunx.

“And what astrologers have observed watching this alignment come and go is that stress levels tend to rise, and especially in job and health areas, when big planets move into this angle and formation.

“Likely you’ve been feeling a bit less than robust over the past couple of weeks. Problems with bosses and authority figures are also more likely with this particular quincunx as Jupiter is in Leo and Pluto is Capricorn—both signs rule leaders and the top brass—this could signal a power struggle for control among this group…”Jupiter, King of the Gods

His advice? “Stay under the speed limit and don’t promise more than you can deliver the first week of Sept—let this marker go by before you put new plans/ideas into motion. The good news about inconjuncts is that they are minor aspects and their pressures/circumstances tend to disappear quickly once they move past the exact alignment.

“Green lights come on in a big way on Sept 10 for the rest of the month as Jupiter begins to line up in a trine to Uranus, exact on Sept 25.”

 The Full Moon in Pisces arrives on Sept. 8, and Jeff Jawer writes, “The relationship between fantasy and reality is put into the spotlight with this Full Moon. Pisces represents faith, imagination and compassion while the opposing Sun in earthy Virgo is rooted in the material world.

“Amorous Venus in Virgo opposes spiritual Neptune today, underscoring the difference between the physical and metaphysical dimensions. Being divided by these contrasting forces is stressful, but building bridges between them can make dreams come true. Forgiveness may be the critical component that allows us to overlook minor defects and petty details in order to achieve a greater goal.”

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, not only do we celebrate the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Spring Equinox below the equator), but Pluto, which has been grinding to a slow stop, now stations direct, and moves forward (from our perspective on Earth).

Jeff writes, “Potent Pluto’s shift to forward motion slowly releases deep desires and festering feelings to bring them out in the open. Dealing with issues of power, passion, wants and fears that have been hidden from view might feel dangerous but is healthier than keeping them in the dark.”

I’ll have more to say about what else might be coming up as we change seasons next month.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you…