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WINGS: Astrological Tidbits – January, 2015

Astro TidbitsA Softer Focus Through Transitional Times

The reverberations continue after the second to last exact square between Uranus and Pluto that hit on Dec. 15. This has been a heavy, revolutionary event that has been knocking us around, hard, for nearly five years. There will be one more, in March.

To characterize this momentous event, astrologer Robert Brown writes, “Uranus square Pluto rages on, creating the need for us to let go of that which no longer serves us in lieu of new ways of living life.

“If you are hateful, you must change. If you are controlling you must change. If you are running a country and your citizens are not happy you must change. If you want to cut people’s heads off to make a point you must change. If you are unhappy you must change.

“There is no way around this and we should all be getting this by now, especially if you have planets that are between nine and sixteen degrees of any sign. If you don’t know your chart but you are experiencing high highs and low lows then you are most likely getting a nod from Uranus square Pluto.”

Uranus and the South Node

Uranus from the Hubble telescope

My friend Lynn Hayes (mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter) notes that Uranus is going to be impacting us in another way this month:

Uranus, planet of radical change and energetic shifts, conjoins the South Node throughout the month. The South Node is the point that marks our emergence from the past, and planets that trigger the South Node often bring about resolution of past issues.

This could bring dreams and memories of past lives that emerge to be handled and released, and it could also create some radical changes in relationships and people with whom you share a personal history.

I couldn’t agree more. In just the last 4 days, issues about reincarnation and past lives have  been at the forefront of nearly every reading and esoteric conversation I’ve had.

Meantime, there is much to look forward to.  Cynthia Novak offers encouragement, telling us that Jupiter will be gracing us with lots of energetic blessings in the early part of the month.  “Jupiter is actually good for big ideas and ideals. Mars faces Jupiter the first week and plenty of plans take hold and take off. Yours might not pay off until the summer, but you can get it going if only by writing it down. The Mars-Jupiter dance begins with January and ends in late March so it is a season of opportunity. Write your story. Many will find great success this year and some will lose. The difference may be trust in your strength and faith in your path.”

Saturn in Sagittarius

In Saturn's Shadow - Photo from NASA exploration craft CassiniAnother of the most dramatic, long-term influences we’re feeling actually began in late December. Lance Ferguson explains, “Saturn is continuing on in Sagittarius. This new cycle started last Dec. 23 and will continue into the Spring when Saturn will dip back into Scorpio for a brief stay.

Sag rules the law and the message here is play it straight, obey the law, and stay under the speed limit in 2015. Saturn is the ruler of Karma and he will use legal means to knock some cowboys off their horses during his ride through Sag. For most of us, this will be a much easier time than Saturn’s run through heavy Scorpio over the last two years. Much easier.”

The always brilliant Ralfee Finn adds a softer focus to this transition, suggesting, “As the year unfolds, there will be much to learn from that journey, especially about how to structure our new global connections so that they sustain diversity.

“As you make resolutions for the coming year, please put kindness and compassion for your fellow travelers at the top of the list. It may not be easy to tolerate the beliefs of others, but finding a way to include rather than exclude what we don’t understand is essential to establishing lasting peace. It’s also necessary if we are to find a balance strong and sturdy enough to hold all our hearts.”

Wiser words could not be imagined.

Buckle Up – It’s Merc Retro Time

Mercury retrogradeThe other big news for the month of January is that it’s time for another episode of Mercury retrograde.

Lynn writes, “Mercury will turn retrograde on January 21st, and the shadow period will begin about a week before as Mercury begins to slow down in preparation for its change of direction.

“Preparing for this 3-4 week cycle can help avoid some problems during this cycle (for example, if you know you will need a new phone or computer order it before this cycle begins) but it’s a good idea to expect glitches anyway.”

She reminds us, “Retrograde Mercury can create some problems in the outer world but brings opportunities for a rich inner experience if we spend more time turning within during this period than trying to manifest in the outer world.”

And Lance adds, “We get the benefit of Mercury and Venus traveling through Aquarius side by side, or conjunct, through most of the month. This pair makes it easier to say what you mean and encourages positive reactions. So the first three weeks are excellent in general to get in touch with the people who can help you and to put your wishes out on the table.”

He elaborates, “As the Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius (Jan. 20), the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all travel through this air sign. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer which points to the humanitarian nature of Aquarians. This is an air sign, however, not water. Think Star Trek and Mr. Spock. He is the classical Aquarian: logical, intelligent, stronger than you think, honest and open-minded. This energy fills the heavens in January. Use it.”

And Cynthia sees this particular Mercury retrograde as a very hopeful opportunity. “This retrograde Mercury teaches us to listen, but most of all it is about learning. Take a class; even one you took before. Look for universal virtues and be strong enough to take a stand when you are called upon to act. It sounds big and it is. A voice from your past reminds you about the younger you. A situation in the present calls you to stand up and be strong.”

Mercury retrogrades can be challenging in our go-go-go world, but they are important and necessary if we will pay attention. Take advantage of this Mercury retrograde to review, reconsider, and reflect. It is time well spent.

Aquarius MosaicLast but not least, the New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Jan. 20 at 8:14 am, EST. Judy Joyce notes, “This will be an excellent day to focus on becoming more optimistic, innovative and open to change. With a willing attitude, we can release the old and begin to perceive our life in a new way.”

So mote it be.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you.