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WINGS – Astrological Tidbits – Early October, 2014

Astro Tidbits

Opportunity, Obstacles, and Setting Yourself Free

Starting off with a bang, astrologer Cynthia Novak writes of this coming Fall season, “The winds of war are in the autumn breeze. They are not turning back. Pluto, the planet of catharsis, and Uranus, the revolutionary planet of change, are still in a very stressful aspect. Mars moves through a fierce section of the heavens and toward Pluto.”

Yikes! There’s no goofing around here. Let’s break this down, shall we?

The big story for October is that we are heading into a couple of eclipses and Mercury is going retrograde.  Back up your technology NOW.

(My friend Thalassa despairs that Mercury never seems to really go direct anymore, and I am inclined to agree with the sentiment, even though this is not actually true.)

I will have more to say next time about the Oct. 23 Solar Eclipse, which falls almost exactly on the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio. But first there is a Mercury retrograde looming which will be further complicated as Mercury also changes signs in the midst of its backwards dance.

Astrologer Lance Ferguson writes, “Mercury begins to retrograde on Oct. 4 in water sign Scorpio. Notice how the winds and weather patterns change over the next three weeks—Mercury Rx ends on Oct. 25.

“By that time Mercury will be in early Fall sign Libra which is an air sign ruled by Venus. We typically have light winds and lovely weather when Mercury is in Libra and not Rx.

“This also signals you don’t make final decisions on important matters during this Rx cycle. As Mercury changes signs [while] backing up, you might change your mind as well and wish you hadn’t signed on the dotted line while Mercury was in Scorpio.”

Jeff Jawar elaborates, “The three-week long reversal period of Mercury is associated with snafus in communication, travel, and technology, yet it’s also a second chance to make amends, refine systems and tie up loose ends. This retrograde cycle begins in Scorpio where stirring up intense ideas about intimacy, desire and passion are expected, then shifts to likable Libra on October 10 where negotiating skills are the upside and waffling [is] a potential problem.

“The key message of any Mercury retrograde period,” he reminds us, “is to look inward and reflect before speaking or acting on important matters.”

In addition, Lance calls this month’s solar and lunar eclipses, “The most powerful New and Full Moons of the year. Both of them occur when Mercury is Retrograde and both of them put aggressive Mars on center stage.

“A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 15° Aries appears in the heavens on Oct 8. Aries is ruled by Mars and this fire energy is likely to make some folks jump into matters they are not prepared to deal with. Full Moons bring the time of harvest, conclusions and final agreements—all need careful scrutiny this month. Be patient in all matters that have great weight. Mistakes made under/during eclipses are often extremely costly.”

Cynthia explains her earlier declaration, when she writes of the Oct. 8 lunar eclipse, “October is more than the world at war; it is about our internal struggles. You may already feel fear, sadness or anger. It is a call to action: It is time to address the internal wobble in self and in relationships- to literally work on old fears so you are able to see opportunity and abundance.

“The total lunar eclipse on the 8th is a perfect time to feel the fear and notice how far back in time your wobble is rooted. What triggers you? There is no need to go to war with the world. The wobble is born of childhood insecurity…a time when a parent’s opinion was everything. It’s up again as you/we are tested. This plays out on many levels including this last bitter month before the [American] November elections. If there is symmetry in the universe, then there is a reason to have opposing parties and unity of spirit too.”

Jeff adds his insight writing, “This volatile lunation is a Total Eclipse of the Moon conjunct shocking Uranus. In a collective sense it is likely to manifest as explosive events and major surprises like the sudden fall of prominent leaders. Timing, though, is imprecise as the effects of eclipses can last for months.

“This opposition of the Moon in independent and impulsive Aries to the Sun in accommodating and indecisive Libra can push relationships to the limits. The fundamental question is how do we respond to our individual needs and still be responsive to others. It is difficult to do both at the same time. So, as with any opposition, it’s a lesson in learning how to gracefully move to either side of the equation depending upon needs and circumstances.”

But lest we get too worried, there is also great potential here.  Jeff explains, “A major benefit of this eclipse is its potential for helping us to let go of old habits, particularly those related to anger, impatience, and feelings of isolation. Breaking free from a sense of alienation and finding the capacity to reframe weirdness as originality allows us to have a sense of uniqueness without undermining alliances. Potent Pluto’s square to this Full Moon intensifies emotions that underscore the necessity for change, but generous Jupiter’s favorable trine to the Moon offers creativity and playfulness to ease the process.”

Speaking of trines, Lynn Hayes offers a strong dose of hope and potential when she writes, “Between now and June of 2015, Jupiter and Uranus will be engaged in a harmonious dance that we call a trine aspect. The trine links two or more planets in a 120 degree angle of mutual support and an easy flow.  A trine is like a relationship where everything just works.  There are no big challenges to overcome – no major crisis to unwind.

Jupiter and Uranus are the two freedom and liberation planets, and when they are linked together, there is a powerful push to break through limitations and blockages.  But they operate very differently:  Jupiter is a personal planet, representing the inner urge of confidence, good fortune, and the desire to find meaning and happiness.

Uranus is a transpersonal planet, inspiring us to break free of restriction and achieve a more authentic and true expression of our life.  Expansion, innovation, self-awareness, changes in the energy body, a desire to live our truest life  – these are all elements of the Jupiter/Uranus trine…

“All is possible now if we believe in what we already know to be true. The potential for a magnificent life of creative potential is always within reach.”

Profound wisdom — may we heed it well.

Until next time, may the stars shine brightly for you…