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Goddess Sunday – The Last Day of the Month Belongs to Hecate

I am she that is the natural mother of all things, mistress and governess of all the elements, the initial progeny of worlds, chief of powers divine, Queen of heaven, the principal of the Gods celestial, the light of the goddesses: at my will the planets of the air, the wholesome winds of the Seas,Continue reading Read more

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Goddess Sunday: The Goddess of Compassion and Mercy

Kuan Yin does not come hither; I do not go thither; the water is in the basin; the moon is in the heavens. When the water is clear, the moon appears; when the mirror is bright, the image emerges. ~ Su Tung-po (1037 – 1101 C.E.) There is no doubt that humanity is undergoing tremendousContinue reading Read more

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Goddess Sunday .. will be back next week

I’m traveling today, so Goddess Sunday will return next week.. Assuming I get home, what with Mercury retrograde and all! Enjoy your day!

Goddess Sunday: Riding with Epona

In one of the earliest formal shamanic classes I ever took, we were guided into the Underworlds with the intention of meeting our spirit guide. More often than not, our instructor explained, this would be an animal spirit. As I got used to the steady drum beat (à la Michael Harner, and so different fromContinue reading Read more

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Goddess Sunday: May Libertas Bless Us

This week, I am featuring a Goddess whose feast day Americans will be celebrating on Wednesday (whether they realize it or not). No one can explain Her better than one of Her most public, devoted Priestesses, Selena Fox. So today, I offer Selena’s own article, almost in its entirety — a loving homage to thisContinue reading Read more

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