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Tarot Card of the Lunar New Year Week, Feb. 8-14, 2021: Three of Wands

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Joining us this powerful week of the New Moon and the accompanying Lunar New Year’s celebrations observed by many millions the world over, we are visited by our friend the Three of Wands.

The Tarot Threes are about movement and change, synthesis and manifestation, and fertile possibilities coming to fruition.

And the element associated with the Wands is Fire, which rules the qualities of creativity, action, magic, growth, and passion. And yes, manifestation.

Arthur Waite writes, “Here we see a calm, stately personage, with his back turned, looking from a cliff’s edge at the ships passing over the golden sea. Three staves are planted in the ground, and he leans slightly on one of them.”

He has launched his dreams into real action, and is calmly waiting for the success he knows he has worked for.

Seen through the lens of the Tarot’s relationship with the Qabalah Tree of Life, this card is a component of Binah, the uppermost feminine element, and which is symbolized as the mother of the Shekhinah (mentioned in last week’s card, The High Priestess).

Its meaning is Understanding and it is associated with the Queens of the Tarot. And all of the threes are always connected to the biggest Three, The Empress.

Magical Doorways

If we were to make a narrative tale from the fiery, magical Wands suit, the Three naturally follows the Two of Wands, which suggests a time of deciding.

In the Two of Wands, the figure is making a choice, and skies are gray. He holds the weighty globe in one hand, grasping the wand in his other.

In the Three, the figure has already launched his choice, and his desire is now in motion. With a calm confidence, in the golden light, he waits for the arrival of the success he has earned, as the ships sail by below.

Somewhat similarly to the Two, the figure stands between two staves, forming a doorway. But here the two wands forming the door jamb are even with one another, and there is a third wand just to his (or her) back. This new chapter is more stable and has support from behind.

In other words, in the Three, the “doorway” is solidly grounded, and there is a golden light over everything. Success is evident everywhere.

Standing on the hilltop, the full scope in which the ships sail is revealed. Not only the vessels and their cargo are important, the entire golden landscape matters.

Thus, success is a part of a much larger context. We must step back sometimes if we wish to see it.

One also can’t help but notice that the figure bears a very strong resemblance to The Magician, if his back was turned to us. It is no accident that power fairly throbs within both sunlight-filled, dazzling cards.

The Aquarian Inevitability

This week brings us a powerful Aquarius New Moon (in tropical astrology). The much-anticipated Aquarian shift became unmistakable after December’s Grand Conjunction, and now deepens inexorably.

So, speaking of sizzling energy, our friend at Hare in the Moon Astrology, Lorna Bevan, writes:

Systems Overload and Overwriting

As the air crackles and fritzes, this week is going to feel like a systems overload, because all the traditional Copernican planets – except for Mars – are stacked in Aquarius conjunct the Black Holes of Cygnus-X.

That is a huge amount of Fixed Air in one part of your chart, all amplified by Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun/ Venus/ Jupiter.

The Wave of Revelation is unstoppable. To avoid feeling wired and tired, get offline as much as possible before your brain fries.

Thursday’s New Moon at 23 Aquarius is strung in a rare diamond necklace of 8 planets and points – Sun, Moon, Pallas, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Chariklo.

On the day of this electric New Moon, Venus and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct in Aquarius – an entry point into a powerful period of social, cultural and philosophical change.

Jupiter in Aquarius is the vector of good fortune and will bring a year of exceptional opportunities.

Knowing this, pay close attention to your Big No/Big Yes signals which will be working overtime; tap insights, coincidences, synchronicities; make astute changes quickly, pin down the inklings – before they vanish into the ethers.

Trust that intuitive tweaks, as opposed to linear planning, will enhance your business/practice/service beyond your expectations.

Be ready to shift habitual investments of time or energy, to adjust projects towards a bigger purpose, especially those oriented to humanistic and planetary well-being.

Follow the unstoppable momentum towards Green Swan sustainable living by being part of the Kindness economy.

Canadian astrologer Phil Booth agrees and notes of this intense New Moon, “There is a rare celestial traffic jam happening with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and Sun all in Aquarius. There are six planets including the Moon and the Sun bunched up together. The last time we saw something similar was on February 4 and 5 in 1962, but this one has a more dramatic feel to it.”

And the always insightful Annie Heese at Café Astrology writes of this New Moon:

This is a time during which we should solve problems that require thinking “outside of the box”; look to the future with a brand new, positive, and hopeful vision; brainstorm and socialize; focus on extending a friendly hand, receiving support, and expressing platonic love for those around us; give our emotions and passions a “break,” as we develop more objectivity and some detachment from past haunts; learn how something (or someone) works; revitalize ourselves through experiences that are new or simply different; reach out to people in our social circle and in our community, and recognize the value of our friendships and social networks; recognize that some level of detachment and distancing ourselves from our habits and attachment to the past will help us break away from destructive behaviors that are holding us back.

(The boldface emphasis is mine, to help illustrate just how closely her interpretation harmonizes with our Three of Wands).

So while the ongoing Mercury retrograde encourages us to reflect and review what has worked well in the past (or not), let us remember that this New Moon ushers in the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Metal Ox (I’ll have more to say about that later this week).

We must not ignore or deny the past. But once absorbed and understood, it is time to turn our gaze towards what is yet to be. And, blessed with the power of our creative, magical Wands, let us give birth to our vision.

The Big Picture

The Three of Wands indicates this week offers an ideal time to lay the groundwork for a successful future.

What are you hoping to attract to yourself through your best energy and effort?  To what course of action are you ready to commit?

Use your truest wisdom to know and name what you wish to manifest, perhaps in ritual, or other ways of focusing.

For those whose dream is to be or to create something better, now is the time to act, for the golden blessings of the Universe are surely given.

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  • February 9, 2021, 9:42 am nofixedstars

    just yesterday i had a conversation with some other people about what manifestation means and how to go about it. i was saying how important it was to get really clear about what you want: how it looks, how it feels, what are its implications. and how after that, you don’t just go back to doing whatever you had been doing; rather, you make changes or take actions in line with your desire.

    kind of like the old joke where the rabbi prays every week to win the lottery for a decade, but does not win. finally, he asks god why he is not answering his prayer, and god replies: dear son, i would be happy to grant your prayer, but first you must buy a lottery ticket! 😉