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Blessed Be the Light and Healing of Brighid

Brigit’s Litany
by Barbara Flaherty

Bride of the Waters, Brigit of the Air
Begoibne of the Fire, Brighid of the Earth,
Breo-saight of the Spirit, be with us.

Lady of the Hearth Fire, Lady of the Forge Fire,
Lady of Wisdom and Inspiration,
Fiery Arrow of Knowledge, be with us.

Mary of the Gael, Mother of Compassion,
Nurse of Christ, Foster-mother of Christ,
Protectress in Childbirth, be with us.

Daughter of the Druid, Bishop of Kildare,
Guardian of Indigenous Wisdom, Mother of Monastic Fire,
Mother of Memory, be with us.

Lady of the Flowing Sea, Lady of the Calm Heart,
the Soft Palm, Well of Healing, Strength of the New Moon.
Lady whose feet walk with respect upon the land, be with us.

Brigit of the Peat-heap, Brigit of the Fields,
Brigit of the Sea and Rocky Summits,
Guardian of the Children of the Land, be with us.

Brigit of the crane, swan, deer, wolf, horse, and hound.
Protectress of the flocks, herds, and fields,
Spring of the year, Feast of New Milk, be with us.

Whispering voice in the ear of poets,
healers, blacksmiths, Mother of All Crafts,
Brigit of the Mantles, be with us.

Mistress of Seeing, Lady of Healing,
Lady of the Mirror, Woman of the Spindle,
Lady of Augury, Lady of the Cauldron, be with us.

Holy are your wells and springs,
your groves and barrows, hearth fire, and forge.
Mother, teach us again and again, be with us.

Poetry to honor this most holy day from Brigit: Sun of Womanhood, ©2013
Edited by Michael McDermott and the late Patricia Monaghan.
May she walk the fields of the Summerlands with our Lady of the Streams and Flame, in radiance.

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