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Tarot Card of the Week, Aug. 31-Sept. 6, 2020: Seven of Pentacles

Some come to laugh their past away
Some come to make it just one more day
Whichever way your pleasure tends
If you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind.
Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, Franklin’s Tower

For this week of the Pisces-Virgo Full Moon, with so much drama spinning our country in conflicted directions, the Tarot offers us a contemplative pause. Welcome this week to one of our most frequent visitors, the Seven of Pentacles.

In agricultural traditions throughout the Northern Hemisphere, we are now well within the harvest cycle of the year, when the first harvest of Lugnasadh is now a month past, and Mabon/Autumn Equinox is only a few weeks ahead.

We give thanks for these early, life-giving crops, as well as the fruits and vegetables that are now filling our pantries. Now is when we are reminded to save, preserve, and store our bounty for the dark and cold days that will be coming.

So the Seven of Pentacles seems an especially apropos omen for this time.  Seven is a number of magic, spirituality and initiation into a deeper level of Mystery. There are seven main chakras, the human body is said to renew itself on a cellular level every seven years, each quarter phase of the Moon is seven days long, there are seven colors in the visible spectrum, and seven notes in our musical scale. No wonder it is considered a number of harmony and good luck.

And with the Pentacles being focused upon the Earthy matters in our lives, this fortune comes in ways that are quite tangible to us. If we have been as diligent as the young man in this card, good results can be expected in the areas of work, money, home and health.

As we all know, what he reaps will depend upon what he has sown. Like him, we may dream of prosperity and success. But how do we ensure that our labors are bearing the fruit that we desire? And are we willing to toil as steadily for the results we seek?

Reaping the Wind

At New Year’s, my friend, the astute, insightful Diotima Mantinea wrote that this would be the year of karmic chickens coming home to roost. Indeed, we are seeing precisely that.

In fact, nearly all of my astrologer friends have been warning for quite some time that unprecedented upheaval is not only underway, it is ramping up. Much of this became obvious with the Pluto in Capricorn break-downs that began in 2008, as well as this year’s Pluto/Saturn conjunct in Capricorn. Not to mention the pending Pluto return in America’s  Second House of money and possessions.

In the latter case, especially, we are collectively reaping a harvest that was planted by the invading European settlers in the dawn of this nation we call America.

America’s ideals have been, for the most part, wholesome and good, like founding our nation on the principles of liberty, personal freedom, and democratic governance.

But in the Pentacles realm of practical matters, there has been a festering toxicity — specifically in the core economics of the “American Dream.” Not only have opportunities not been equal for all, for centuries, American wealth has belonged only to a few, and has depended on systemic racism and economic oppression.

Despite the popularity of “rags to riches” myths, this poisonous situation has been there all along, for those who had eyes to see, and for those upon whose backs it was built. But in the past four years, it has metastasized. With the blessing of the current administration, white bigotry and violence has gone mainstream, and a reckoning has arrived.

Just as surely as there are countless people of all ages, and especially the young, who are rising up against the brutally unfair playing field that has been baked into the American system, there are authoritarian winds now blowing that seek to fan the flames of our oldest wounds with fear and divisiveness.

Will we allow a provoked, manufactured crisis to be the excuse for a tyrannical takeover?

This week, we are given a time for seeing with clear eyes what we have created, and how best to nurture the fruit that we truly want.

Co-Creating with Time

Is what we have planted — that is, staked our finances and welfare on – sustainable? Is its harvest what we had originally intended? And is it good for the entire “ecosystem” of our locale?

This week, we are reminded that all things begin with a dream, a thought, or seed. Welcoming the Seven of Pentacles as our guide, let us gaze into a time not so long from now, when fruition is immanent.

What treasure would we wish to pluck from the vines of our desires when their fulfillment arrives? What work and care are we willing and able to devote to ensure that this will happen? How would we get from here – a wish or a vision – to the gathering in of our bounty?

In the Seven of Pentacles, we are witness to ripening – a slow, nearly invisible process both scientific and mysterious. Its outcome depends on time, conditions, and, no matter how precisely we may try to schedule and control them, the laws and rhythms of our Mother Earth and Her cosmic neighbors.

There is only so much that we can control with our labor and diligence. We set our intentions, we plant what we hope to reap, we tend the garden with care. And then the rest is out of our hands.

So, too, this young man has done his part, and now he has no choice but to surrender to the Earth’s own wisdom. The pace of Nature is a gift, not an obstacle.

What was once only potential is now in the final stages.

But before you rush off to your Next Thing, take this moment to linger a moment and reflect. Take stock of what you have and what lies ahead. Replenish your reserves. And be sure to give thanks for the abundance already given to you.

May your coming harvest be a flourishing temple of blessings.

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  • September 1, 2020, 8:59 am nofixedstars

    “The pace of Nature is a gift, not an obstacle.”

    i love that—it is so true. the rhythms of the natural world are those of knowing what is enough, and knowing that enough for all is a great bounty indeed.

    may we plant hope.