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Tarot Card of the Week Welcoming Lughnasadh, July 27-Aug. 2, 2020: Queen of Pentacles

The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present, and when you’re worrying about whether you’re hopeful or hopeless or pessimistic or optimistic, who cares? The main thing is that you’re showing up, that you’re here, and that you’re finding ever more capacity to love this world — because it will not be healed without that. That [is] what is going to unleash our intelligence and our ingenuity and our solidarity for the healing of our world.
Joanna Macy

In this week, which marks the celebration of our First Harvests, we have a relatively rare visitor. As Summer begins to recede and we discern the earliest whisper of Autumn’s changes, let us welcome the Queen of Pentacles.

The Pentacles of the Tarot are connected to the element of Earth: money, career, health, practical matters, and the physical, material realm. And we have a Court card – one of Tarot’s “people” cards. They may represent an actual person we know (we ourselves, or someone else), or they might indicate a particular kind of energy being brought to bear.

The Queens of the Tarot, in my view, can be anyone (binary or not) who embodies the love and splendor of the Divine Feminine. (For simplicity’s sake, I shall refer to it as “she,” but please be advised this Queen is often “he,” or “they”).

Rather than wielding the hierarchical power-over of the Kings, the Queens exemplify power shared, and the subtle, but invincible power from within.

In the Waite-Smith deck, the Queen of Pentacles is depicted as a mature woman who is materially secure, even wealthy. She has a great appreciation of beautiful objects, home, and creature comforts.

She holds her Pentacle gently but firmly on her lap, knowing that there is no disconnect between the material and the spiritual, for to be fully alive is wealth beyond imagination. She also knows she is the steward, not the possessor, of her prosperity.

She is seated outdoors, beneath a rose arbor that is very similar to the one that The Magician stands within. Her throne is carved with fruit trees and the symbols of Capricorn, and there are also mountains and rivers (or lakes) in the background.

This Queen’s gifts include robust health, vitality, and sexuality. The magical hare in the foreground is a harbinger of fertility and good fortune.

All of Nature is the Queen of Pentacle’s treasure. She may be a prize-winning gardener, potter, cook, mechanic, herbalist, animal caretaker, or environmental champion. She is your favorite Earth Mother, wealth maker, and smart pragmatist.

She guides us to appreciate what is sacred in the “mundane.”

Welcoming Lughnasadh

This week in the Northern Hemisphere, the luxuriance of Summer is bursting into fruition. And so we celebrate the first of the three traditional harvest festivals. Lughnasadh (Christianized by some to Lammas) is an ancient holiday that marks the gatherings of first fruit, and especially the grain harvests. What an auspicious figure the Tarot has given us, to preside over this moment!

In addition, we enter the month of August with the increasingly intense astrology that my friends and colleagues have been anticipating for many years.

For instance, our wise friend at Hare in the Moon Astrology, Lorna Bevan, notes:

If you are a sensitive, seer or path paver, listen for the message behind the message on Tuesday 28th coming direct via the karmic Node of Fate via the Galactic Centre.

The stakes are raised again from next weekend onwards when Mars in spiritual warrior mode in fiery Aries tangles with Jupiter then Pluto and Saturn in the seismic window of the Aquarius Full Moon [coming Monday, Aug. 3].

In the 3D world, watch for volatility, frustration, things being blown way out of proportion.

Turn away from watching the old world burn and instead:

  • focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not working
  • recognise what you’re finding, not on what you’re losing
  • notice what is opening up when so much is closing down
  • know what and who holds life, hope, soul, healing and teaching and what and who is deadening and extinguishes the light
  • just do the next right thing that is yours to do where you are, then the next and repeat…….
  • trust that your newly expanded High Heart is also your GPS, that insights are available to you at all times when you drop the need for them to have bells, whistles and drama

Ask yourself: “When I find that place inside myself that is already thriving, what will get created?”

The Queen of Pentacles is an ideal ally to help you find that Earthed, quiet, and lushly alive place within you.

And because the Queen is so much about our material well-being, I thought it might be a good time to check in with Ray Merriman, world-renowned expert in astrological timing as it applies to financial markets and global economic trends.

He has quite a lot to say about the challenges and hopefulness in this week’s patterns, but in particular, he notes:

With awareness and knowledge, you can make choices that affect the outcome and consequences of decisions in your life. You can choose not to be careless or impulsive. You can choose to think twice before initiating action (especially when that action may create adverse reactions from others), or making decisions that put yourself, your community, your nation, the planet, and others in danger.

This is a time for everyone to strive to be authentic, calm, and self-controlled, and to understand when it is both too much and never enough. You don’t have to be a genius and you don’t have to be loud and bold. In times like this, it may be best just to be alert, aware, and practice self-control and good management of circumstances (Saturn in Capricorn) and finances.

With these tools, you can successfully navigate the dynamics of this powerful geocosmic formation that is upon us for most of the remainder of this year…

The Queen of Pentacles herself could not have put it better.

Certainly, there are economic, astrological, and political forces currently urging us to ease up, let down our guard, and take risks. And, yes, we are vulnerable because I don’t know a soul who is not damned tired of our masked isolation.

But the big, Capricornian influences (cogently outlined by Elisabeth Grace) currently playing out through Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn stand as a stern reminder that structure, rules, and consequences are of the highest priority right now, if you plan to stick around. Much less thrive.

The Queen of Pentacles is the embodiment of strategies to do exactly that, and to do so both happily and successfully.

Life’s Luxuries

A generous realist, you’ll often find this Queen in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen, tending to friends, children, and animals, running a successful business or two, and reveling in only the finest, most sensuous pleasures of life.

Yet, as you see from the respectful way she holds her Pentacle, she is never tempted to spend what she does not have. Instead, with feet firmly on the beautiful Earth around her, she advocates careful watchfulness and intelligent use of resources.

Rather than being influenced by the pressures of a toxic consumer culture which has told us we are lacking the perfect body, possessions, and lifestyle, the Queen of Pentacles recommends that this is a brilliant time to get serious about self-care that truly works for you: a better health regimen, making your home more nurturing, and being more at ease with your own body.

You also might want to hammer out a more conservative budget. Her wisdom would suggest you set aside as much as you can for what may prove to be an even rainier day than we have yet seen.

But her message is not one of fear. Instead, she points to the riches that are always at our fingertips. Embrace the gifts that come from slowing down, being in Nature, cultivating patience, and discovering what wealth really is.

True Wealth In the In-Between

One of my favorite representatives of the Queen of Pentacles is the living treasure, Joanna Macy, famed author, environmental activist, and advocate for deep ecology and the stewardship of Earth’s bounty as a spiritual practice.

In a July 15, 2020 interview sponsored by the Charter for Compassion in honor of her recent 91st birthday, she likened this time of suffering and change to the Tibetan Buddhist concept of the “bardo,” an in-between state between the worlds.

Many may be familiar with the idea that the bardo is an intermediate stage between death and our next rebirth. But it can refer to all sorts of “between the worlds” times, and liminal spaces of neither here nor quite yet there.

Thus, she sees these terrible, yet secretly hopeful days of disruption as a doorway for us to “walk into our own belonging.”

“No one,” Dr. Macy emphasized, “is excluded from the House of Interbeing. Your very breath teaches all the time how you belong.”

So go outside. Breathe. Feel the sunshine on your face. Take the time to find your own intimate harmony with the rhythm and beauty of the natural world. There, you will discover the source of the Queen’s wealth (and your own).

Like the Queen, let your throne be, not in some dreary castle, or glued in front of a screen that swings from distraction to despair, but in the meadows and forests. Allow Mother Nature to shower you with blessings this week.

Precious treasures are everywhere, for when you trust life, there is no lack.

May the rich teachings of this Queen fill your heart, and so they shall fill your practical needs as well.

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  • July 27, 2020, 9:57 pm nofixedstars

    a lovely, auspicious, and heartening guide and meditation here. most welcome!

  • August 1, 2020, 6:34 pm David Attwoiod

    Thank. your Beth for this, the Queen of Pentacles, for the writing of Lorna Bevan, and for your insight. It is Aug 1st, and on Aug 2nd, Terry, my wife, and I will have been. married for 61 years. An accomplishment, I suppose, but a real blessing from my way of looking at our lives together. I pulled the King of Pentacles for my daily card this morning. I see him as the Cosmic Father who pours his energy through my being, providing me with the blessing of a grounded life in a world n turmoil. Like the Queen of Pentacle, he shows us all how to enrich the life lived. Thanks for your writing. ~~~David

  • August 4, 2020, 1:22 pm Beth

    Oh, dearest David! Huge blessings and congratulations on your anniversary! What a lovely way to be greeted by our friend the Tarot in honor of this wonderful occasion. Thank you for sharing and for reading along.

    May you and Terry enjoy many more years of love and good fortune. ❤️