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Tarot Card of the Week, July 13-19, 2020: The Magician

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
Roald Dahl

Here is a first. After our visit last week from The Fool, his follow-up act arrives. As if pulled in perfect sequence from a new deck, The Fool has opened the way to a rare appearance by The Magician.

As noted last week, The Fool is the beginning and the end of the Major Arcana progression, and stands apart from the actual narrative, instead holding the potential and the clean slate of all that may be possible.

Now The Magician shows us the true beginning of the Major Arcana story. He is the originator of consciousness, awareness, and action. He is the spark and realization of “I am.”

He turns the nebulous, unformed potential of The Fool into directed intention and action. He transforms The Fool’s staff to a Wand of power. Raising it above his head, The Magician channels spirit energy from heaven to earth, making manifest his desire.

Surrounded by white lilies and red roses, a recurring theme in the Tarot, he acts with both purity and passion. Above his crown chakra is the cosmic lemniscate, symbol of his connection to Eternity.

Also depicting his alignment with the eternal cycles of life, death, and rebirth, his belt is the ouroboros – the very ancient symbol of a snake eating its tail.

Upon The Magician’s table lie all the magical tools of the Elements, which are also the suits of the Minor Arcana: the Sword of Air, the Wand of Fire, the Cup of the Waters, and the Pentacle that is Earth.

He stands, like a lightning rod, open to the holy flash of Spirit. He runs the energy of the Divine into the living Earth – As above, so below.

The Magician is both a receptor and wielder of power, a shaman who understands exactly how to take in the raw energy of the Universe, and direct it to make, create, change, and shape the “real” world.

His is the ability to tap into the Source of creation, and use it for his creative purposes. He is unstoppable, with just one catch: he must be willing to both take action and accept the consequences. In other words, he must put himself completely on the line.

This confidence can only come from his knowing who he is and the nature of his passion. He knows exactly what he intends to do, and why. Because he is crystal clear about his skill, his willingness, and his connection to the Divine, he acts without hesitation or doubt. In this way, he is able to achieve miracles.

The Magician is the initiator of consciousness and awareness in the Tarot.

I deliberately choose “initiator” with its double meaning: The Magician initiates the Majors, meaning he begins; for as noted, his is card I (Roman numeral One) of the Major Arcana.

He is also an initiator, meaning a figure who admits or accepts someone by means of formal rites into an organization or group, via secret knowledge or challenges.

When a Major Arcana card shows up, like last week’s Fool, and now this week’s Magician, big shifts are happening, and need our attention.

An Auspicious Week of Insight and Power

One of my perennial favorite astrologers, Robert Wilkinson, observes that this week offers some great potential if we are receptive and open to change. [I have edited down many of the astrological technicalities, but if you are interested, please do go here.] He writes:

July 13, 14, and 15 is a remarkable snapshot in time! We are not only at two crucial turning points as Mars conjuncts Chiron, but the two oppositions made by the Sun to Jupiter and then Pluto will involve two distinctly different and extraordinarily favorable evolutionary configurations…

…For the next 72 hours we also move through the exact oppositions between the Sun and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Oppositions bring awareness through polarization or externalization.

What was below the horizon breaks the surface at the opposition. I believe the opposition is the best aspect in our tool box, since it compels a greater awareness of the whole of the situation or cycle.

These oppositions indicate the Great Light is shining on Jupiter, Pluto, as well as their combined influence. The Sun opposed Jupiter offers us opportunities to re-evaluate our “loyalties to our obligation” in the Light of the impending “Light up the core” Sun opposition to Pluto. This brings the illumination of the Capricorn energies set into motion at the conjunctions in January and March.

An opposition can bring something to the surface on its “run to the top” at the upper square, but an opposition can also counter the energies of the planet(s) being opposed.

In this case, the Sun can shine its Great Light on the manipulations or structures indicated by Jupiter and Pluto, bringing the Light of Cancerian self-interest to oppose the calculated self-interest of Capricorn. In any case, we will all be more aware of something related to the late Cancer-late Capricorn axis in our charts…

These oppositions fall at the synthesizing and technical degrees in the emotional and social level of consolidation. We can see the Light of new approaches to solving common factors in emotional or social problems, and new ways to articulate our sense of how to solve things.

That will be followed by seeing “the Light of the core” in terms of complex social relationships and how we can integrate with others, or integrate something of value in our society. This is seeing the interdependence in things, and between thing…

Anyway, it’s a very interesting and potentially VERY good few days ahead, so make the most of them!

With full respect and awareness of the power in your hands, now is the time to command it.

Light and Shadow – Magic and Transformation

The Magician can be a shape-shifter and a chameleon, mirroring the social customs, habits, and even speech patterns of the people with whom he comes in contact. He is a compelling communicator and can be charming.

The positive side of this talent is when he is motivated by a sincere wish to better relate and be understood.

But the shadow aspect is that this kind of instant intimacy can be misunderstood, and, if used selfishly, it can become manipulative.

In addition, while he may mean well in the moment, it is all too easy for him to abruptly move on to the next thing and the next, leaving projects scattered and unfinished.

While The Magician can think quickly on his feet and has an enormous capacity for mental focus, it’s sometimes hard for him to not get sidetracked by the new ideas constantly occurring to him. Or else he may get frustrated with the details.

This week, how may yours be the task of breathing life into that which has only been a possibility?

In what ways do you long to sparkle with playfulness, creativity, and innovation? Despite all the shadow and suffering we are wading through — or maybe precisely because of it — now is the time.

Pause and recognize how the wild Love of the Multiverse is given to you.

Yes, YOU.

How can you make your own life a masterpiece of creativity? Do you dare to call upon the Gods and then unleash your most authentic potential?

Open your glittering eyes.

Your world is crackling with power that you, and you alone, know how to tap. Look within yourself and ask: could it be that your heart’s deepest desires are actually flowing from the longing of Spirit Herself on your behalf?

In perfect love and perfect trust, using all the tools you have at hand and acting straight from your soul, receive the magic that now flows from you and to you.

Create your sacred space. Be ready to receive and to give more than you ever have.

You have called and you are being called. Now is the time to birth transformation.

Believe in your own magic, and you shall surely see it at last.

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