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Tarot Card of the Week, May 11-17, 2020: Seven of Pentacles

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.
The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss

Although there is a LOT of very big astrology churning this week,  and I half expected to pull a Major Arcana card, I’ve actually been seeing this card pop up in my visions for several days now. Although he just visited back in February, we continue our Parade of the Pentacles this week with our old friend the Seven.

As you probably know, the Pentacles of the Tarot inform us of the physical world and material matters in our lives: our health, our resources, our homes, and our work. And seven is a number of magic, spirituality, and initiation into deeper levels of Mystery.

Here we see a young man as he pauses and gazes at the ripening disks on the vine. He seems to be considering whether or not the “fruits” are ready for picking.

His demeanor is thoughtful, examining what he has already worked to achieve, and wondering what might still be needed.

As we all know, what he reaps will depend upon what he has sown.

Like him, if we are not clear from the start as to what our true intention is, how can we possibly know if we are successful? Yet desire alone is not enough.

He knows he must work steadily over time, and in so doing, he is seeing the beginnings of a promise fulfilled. He has operated in accordance to the laws of Nature, and now evaluates the headway he’s made, looking forward to the well-being and security that this suit promises.

Similarly to last week’s Knight, we may dream of worldly success in its many forms. But how do we ensure that our labors are bearing the results that we desire? Are we willing to toil faithfully and wait as long as needed, for our reward?

As has been the case for the past two weeks, we are once more being offered a pause within this global time-out, in which we can take a look at the big picture.

REflect, REview, REvisit

In a retrograde period, forward progress can become difficult in whatever areas the planet in question may exert its influence. But go-go-go is not always healthy for us, and retrogrades have the potential for great good. This week, we are going to be adjusting to four very important retrogrades.

The legendary Ralfee Finn offers her wisdom regarding this “retrograde season:”

This week, the sky tells a specific story about slowing down and taking a good look at what’s transpired since the beginning of this year, when the effect of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction turned the world upside down—and we’ve got a lot to review. Saturn Retrograde begins on May 10; Venus Retrograde begins on May 12; Jupiter Retrograde begins on May 14. Pluto Retrograde began on April 25.

Even though there is an undeniable urge to open up the country and get back to normal, there is no astral indication that opening is safe or that it will be successful. I hope I am wrong, but my hunch is that we are sure to see a surge in infections and hospitalizations and, of course, deaths as a result of premature action.

Venus slows down to a crawl…in preparation for her retrograde, which begins [Wednesday]. Venus goes retrograde in a square to Neptune, in Pisces. Neptune rules imagination and Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, and what matters most, turns around in Gemini, the Sign of the storyteller.

Be prepared for even more theories about where the virus began and what it’s teaching us about who we are as humans.

As we work our way through these myriad stories about the how’s and why’s of our current condition, it’s important to be able to discern which stories about COVID-19 express values that will help us co-create a kinder and more perfect union.

That co-creation could be the origin story of the next step in our evolution, a step toward compassion, unity, and love.

The Seven of Pentacles illustrates exactly such a pensive appraisal. What seeds are we now planting? What will grow and bear fruit, becoming the story of our re-emergence?

In addition, this week’s astrology features both Mercury and Mars changing signs. On Monday, Mercury slipped into its own chatty, busy, bright, short-attention-span sign of Gemini. Perhaps we might use the influence of the Seven to slow down a little, stay more grounded, and wait before we run our mouths (or keyboards).

And on Wednesday, Mars moves into watery Pisces, which is not where he likes to be.

Astrologer Lance Ferguson writes:

Mars rules your muscles and the energy we need to start something and keep it moving. In a water sign, Mars is held back from full power just as it takes much more energy to walk in water than on dry land.

This cycle appears in the heavens once every two years and will continue until Mars leaves the sign of the fishes (yes, this can be a good time to go fishing) on June 27.

So, if things aren’t moving at the pace you wish or you feel a bit tired during this period, chalk it up to Mars in Pisces.

Annie Heese at Cafe Astrology agrees, noting, “We tend to feel less motivated to go after traditional goals, and more motivated to pursue spiritual or emotional drives during this cycle. We dislike confrontation during this trend. Our output is variable rather than straightforward, and our energy is similarly up and down.”

Time On Your Hands

While life as we have known it is indefinitely on hold, we have been given the greatest treasure of all. It is the only resource that is utterly irreplaceable: time.

There is time now to carefully consider and re-consider where your roots are, what you value most, and how to nourish yourself in ways that are wholesome and sustainable.

This has been the theme for three weeks, now. I believe it must be extremely important.

Echoing the messages from both the Page and the Knight, how are you investing your precious life’s energy? Is it in harmony with your highest potential?

Like the young man in the card, take your time and align your work with the natural flow of growth and change.

We have been given an unprecedented opening for taking stock. This is a moment to observe the power of our living planet in ways we may not have in a very long time.

By our friendship with Nature and by inviting Time to be our ally, good fortune ripens.  If we remember to honor the Earth Herself, a healthful, nourishing harvest lies ahead.

If we’ll tend one another with the best that we’ve got, things will get better.

A lot.

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  • May 12, 2020, 12:13 pm nofixedstars

    “We tend to feel less motivated to go after traditional goals, and more motivated to pursue spiritual or emotional drives during this cycle. We dislike confrontation during this trend.”

    EXCELLENT. may it be so!