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Tarot Card for the Equinox, March 16-22, 2020: The Fool

Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.
Lilly Pulitzer, fashion designer and bon vivant

In a week of huge change, uncertainty, and exponentially dire news, it is with some relief and hopefulness that we welcome our old friend, The Fool.

The Fool is all about potential, new beginnings, and risk-taking. How perfect for this week of the Equinox, and the astrological new year! Ready or not, we are taking a giant step into the Mystery.

This card, sometimes assigned as the 22nd trump card, but more often the zero, has ties to the trickster and jester, although he is not related to the Joker card in regular playing cards. He is the archetype of those people who are willing to break free of convention, in order to tell the real truth, to be more creative, and ultimately, wiser.

Sometimes disliked by those who revere analytical logic and the feeling of being in control, The Fool is a card of joy, risk-taking, and spontaneity.

In the Waite-Smith deck, The Fool sports a jaunty red feather. His arms are spread wide, and unlike the cards of the past two weeks, his heart is quite notably unshielded. He gazes up to the sky and with his hand in the position of the Gyan Mudra, he holds a white rose –- symbol of both passion and purity. Poised on the high mountain precipice, he is accompanied by his companion dog who is either warning or dancing with him (or a bit of both).

His tunic is covered in circles divided into eighths – referencing the eight quarters and cross-quarter holidays of the Wheel of the Year. How fitting that this week we celebrate the quarter sabbat of the Equinox – Autumn’s Mabon below the Equator, and Ostara in the Northern Hemisphere.

As he stands on the edge of the unknown, The Fool carries a small satchel on a stick. What do you supposed he carries in it? We can surely believe that he travels with only the essentials, eschewing all that is weighty or complicated.

However, look closely and you will see that the stick upon which his bag is attached is a magic wand. Is he aware of its power?

The Fool is only a fool to those who judge him. To us, he appears to be stepping off of a cliff, but in his own experience, he is following his bliss. His innocence and naivety protect him.

One gorgeous and illuminating discussion I read recently observed that he is probably unaware that it appears he is in jeopardy. Instead, his reality is that every time he steps out, the Earth rises up to meet him.

This is why the Universe loves the Fool, and supports him, for in truth, no breakthrough, no cure, no discovery, no accomplishment in human history was ever made without someone being thought a Fool for trying.

As Above, So Below

It’s a very busy astrological week, as Psychic Scoop astrologer Melodie tells us, “with three planets (Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn) and an asteroid (Pallas Athena) changing signs, a five-planet lineup in Capricorn, and the first day of Spring.”

She further elaborates:

Mercury — now in direct motion — re-enters Pisces, where it will remain for the next three weeks (until April 12th). It crosses its shadow point (the degree at which it went retrograde) on March 30th. Until that time, even though Mercury is now moving forward again, we can anticipate some of the residual effects of Mercury retrograde — including misunderstandings and miscommunications — especially since Mercury is in the sign most closely associated with the same.

Mercury is in both detriment and fall in Pisces. But there are many positive aspects associated with this combination. Things like heightened intuition, increased sensitivity, unparalleled compassion and a sense of being aligned with, and a part of humanity overall. Something we could all use a little more of in these trying times…

The Sun moves into Aries on Friday, marking the onset of the Vernal Equinox, or first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere: it’s exactly the opposite, i.e. Autumnal Equinox and first day of Fall, in the Southern Hemisphere). The Sun in Aries signals a time to come alive and see the world through brand new eyes. It’s a time for embracing life fully, without fear or trepidation.

With brand new eyes, the newly awakened, yet-to-be-self-aware Fool stirs in us all!

Furthermore, the other big astrology news this week is that on Saturday, the giant planet of karma and time Saturn leaves Capricorn, where it’s been since 2018, and enters Aquarius, which it last visited in 1994.

Astrologer Gray Crawford writes:

With a windy gale at its back, Saturn in Aquarius will turn its scythe toward unknown terrain in order to gather and harvest wisdom off the mainstream path and beyond the norm…

Saturn feels secure, strong, and comfortably at home in Aquarius, but discovers a different kind of expression than when residing in its other home of Capricorn where it [was] surrounded by dense stone and earthly matters.

In the airy climate of Aquarius, Saturn turns its slow and steady gaze outward, reordering structures and boundaries in order to make connections, distribute information, and develop innovations.

Change will be in the air as Saturn enters Aquarius, for it will immediately begin forming a catalytic square aspect with Uranus in Taurus…We will feel the volatizing impact of Uranus through questioning the boundaries we erect in our life and beginning a process of restructuring them.

Changes, changes, and more changes. But the Tarot offers us the perfect card for meeting them fully and without distress. The Fool is a fearless challenger to outmoded boundaries and rules. Now is the time!

Last but not least, the ever-brilliant Elisabeth Grace has, not only a day-by-day analysis of this busy week, but also a fantastic examination of the Aries ingress chart for Washington DC.

As she notes, “ingress” is the technical term for the moment a planet or other important heavenly influencer moves into a constellation. In this case, the astrological new year begins when the Sun enters Aries, and the Aries Ingress chart set in the capital of a particular country offers a three-month prognosis.

Stop by and you’ll see right away that there is a LOT going on in the United States’ 2nd house of money, values, and self-worth. I would never be able to do justice to her many layers of insights, so I will just urge you to go here.

Speaking of values and money: For the love of whatever you call holy, please consider becoming a patron to Elisabeth’s work. It doesn’t take much, and the rewards are VAST. She is one of the most brilliant and honorable women I have ever met, and her astrological essays are pure gold. Maybe you could return a little gold to her as a Happy Aries Birthday gift, and an act of generous paying it forward. Thanks.

Trust, Trust, Trust

This week, take your own steps of faith, knowing that the beloved Earth will rise up to meet you.

Although we are now settling in for a very long haul of quarantine and potential tragedy, you are being invited to embark on a sacred odyssey. It won’t be a literal one, but the Major Arcana cards rarely speak of a literal event or time. They explore, instead, your soul’s journey.

As we all enter the new, uncharted territory of the days ahead, we are admonished to never fear. The Fool shows us the crazy wisdom of slipping out of our mental bondage, stepping back from linear analysis and fears, and loosening our need to control.

With these unprecedented times, we must be willing to get off the inner beaten track, for indeed, there is no help in sight except our companion, the dancing dog. For The Fool, self-reliance is a virtue, and like his, our steps can be sure.

Be of good faith, for though the path ahead is beyond our vision and the weeks and months to come will surely be fraught, this is a new beginning and you are helping to shape what it may become with every step you take.

No matter the forecast, Spring awaits.

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  • March 17, 2020, 5:59 pm elizabeth

    I’ve always wondered if he isn’t just stepping back in the act of throwing the rose
    over the cliff ? I’ve done such @ the start of a new venture or promise – finding streams is safer/easier so I throw my flower offerings into a stream- as I’m sure you know, often an animal will appear to give the clue as to next move – too far out ?
    look forward to your emails ! Great stuff

  • March 17, 2020, 6:31 pm Beth

    Thanks, Elizabeth. I have never heard it described like that, but I am intrigued.

    To me, it still looks more like walking than rearing back to throw (and gosh, if he threw something, what would the dog do???

    Still, I am going to give this some thought. Thanks for a really fresh, different perspective. I love it!

  • March 18, 2020, 8:06 am nofixedstars

    i drew this same card on the same day…

    there was an old belief that fools are protected by the gods. also that they speak truth, because they are innocent, and free of machinations. thus fools might speak bluntly to kings without being punished.

    to be a fool is to begin each day anew, in simplicity and a sort of trust. it’s rather like an antique european version of the zen “beginner’s mind”, the prerequisite for true understanding and moving forward fearlessly. very apt, i’d say.

  • March 18, 2020, 6:27 pm Cybele Wolf

    Thank you so much for all that you have to share…
    I look forward to your posts and appreciate them…
    Blessings of great health to you!