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Full Super Moon Card of the Week, March 9-15, 2020: Two of Swords

Beth Owl's Daughter Two of Swords

In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels.
Daniel Goleman, internationally known psychologist, and author of Emotional Intelligence

This week of the Full Virgo Super Moon, Mercury stationing direct (hallelujah!), and Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, we are visited yet again by the Two of Swords.

The Twos are often about choices, balance, duality, polarity, and opposites. And the Swords in the Tarot are connected to the element of Air. They indicate matters to do with the mind, intellect, attitude, and communication.

This is another of artist Pamela Colman Smith’s “stage” cards, in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The straight, horizontal parallel lines running across the card hint that the figure is on a stage, and behind her, the scenery could be a theatrical backdrop.

In what way, then, is this merely a drama or a story being played out? What is artificial about this situation?

The figure has often been compared to the Justice card. But unlike Justice, the woman in the Two of Swords is blindfolded, unable to see. Is this by her choice? Or is she a victim?

She does not hold the scales of balanced evaluation. Instead, similarly to last week’s Four of Cups figure, her arms are crossed defensively in front of her heart, cutting off her feelings, allowing nothing to come in or go out.

This is a perfect portrait of analysis paralysis.

And while the woman’s position is stable for now, the swords she holds are enormous, and certainly she won’t be able to maintain that position for very long.

This is a card that often comes up when we feel we must block our emotions. It may also appear when we feel indecisive. We may vacillate between choice A and choice B, when what we really want is “None of the above.”

More Than the Mind

It is also a card that shows how impossible it can be to make up our mind about things that have little to do with the mind at all. The mind is a great gift, but it is only one tool for navigating our life’s journey, and sometimes it is the wrong one.

Still, we make our lists of pros and cons. We rationalize, argue, and refuse to listen to our hearts, thinking that somehow this will be smart. But sometimes we can be too smart for our own good.

How many times have you been faced with a choice that looks good “on paper,” but in your gut, you know it’s not the right thing at all? What are you afraid to know?

What facts are you avoiding? What other input could help you disarm, and at least have a clearer view of what to do?

The Duality

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, so the Moon is in the zodiac sign opposite where the Sun is. For those of us navigating the stars by tropical astrology, that means that with the Sun currently in Pisces, the Monday night Full Moon is in Virgo.

Annie Heese at Cafe Astrology notes of this duality:

With the Virgo-Pisces service axis involved, this Full Moon presses us to find a balance between day-to-day functions and routines, physical health, and the need for order (Virgo) and vision, spiritual health, disorder, and the infinite (Pisces).

Virgo rules the tools and techniques that we use to deal with day-to-day life, while Pisces rules the tools that we use to deal with our spiritual selves.

Some sort of crisis (which can be a crisis of consciousness) or sudden awareness of a lack in our lives provides us with a golden opportunity to explore our emotional needs within the context of the house polarity where the Full Moon occurs in our natal charts.

This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves and to let things out of our systems.

Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them. Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is not particularly rational as yet.

This is an eyes-wide-open time for our work, habits, health, and routines. We are likely to receive strong messages from our intuition.

“Balance, balance, balance!” insists the Two of Swords. But it’s time to take that blindfold off, my dears, unless that is your preferred method for diving deep into your intuitive knowings.

Besides, how resilient will we be if we close our eyes, lock our arms tight against our hearts, and hide behind our big swords? Is this really the best survival strategy for cosmic winds of change?

Getting Unstuck

The Two of Swords can be helpful when we feel stuck. Swirling all around the woman is the great, dark sea of emotional, subconscious awareness, the deep of dreams and intuition. Yet she refuses to, or cannot, access it.

Much as we might sometimes want to close our eyes and fade into the gray background, something eventually will need to happen. We avoid the truth at our peril. (Looking at you, CROWH!*)

This week, if you find yourself “between a rock and a hard place,” feeling like you need to make a difficult choice you wish you didn’t have to, this card offers some illumination.

First, have compassion for the role fear may be playing, disguising itself as an insatiable need for information and options.

Consider the ways you may be closing your eyes or your heart from knowledge that is not logical or analytical. There is a very good chance that emotional or even intuitive information is precisely what you need, in order to proceed with wisdom.

Could it also be that this is but a bit of drama, a scene being played out more for effect than an authentic situation? What is really going on “backstage?”

Choose something. Or perhaps let go of choosing at all. What would happen if you just let the chips fall where they might?

When you feel like you are of two minds, it turns out to be a scientific fact that you are. So instead of agonizing about it, what would change if you embraced this is as an evolutionary gift? Consider this an opportunity to combine both your logic and your heart into a deeper harmony.

And remember:


*CROWH: Current Resident of the White House

Addendum: I completely jumped the gun in my discussion (now deleted) of Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, which does not happen until next week. Sorry about that. Stay tuned for a re-evaluation of it with whatever next week’s card is. Sheesh! My apologies!

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  • March 11, 2020, 8:21 am Jacqueline

    I did a reading on the coronavirus with my “Wisdom of the Oracle” cards and got “The Fates” which basically says to do what you can to prepare but then to relax and accept what comes because fate is at work. I am sad for those who have suffered and those who have died, but there are odd silver linings already appearing… a 40% drop in flu cases as people take extra precautions… a huge reduction in worldwide pollution as workplaces and airlines shut down… I wonder if we are being shown that we can positively affect the future if we all work together. In the age of Aquarius it should be possible so I am hopeful now for the planet. This virus is increasing international cooperation.

  • March 12, 2020, 8:35 am Beth

    Oh, yes, I very much agree, Jacqueline.

    Like you, over a week ago, I did a personal reading (Tarot of course) to ask what I might understand about this disease event. The cards were stunningly clear.

    I was advised that this is, indeed, a global pandemic that will affect all of us, one way or another, and is of tremendous importance and necessity in the timeline of the story of humanity.

    Somehow, although quite ominous, it was strangely reassuring.

    And so similar to what you were given, dear Jacqueline. It appears to be a kind of destiny for humanity, and very much the Testing that so many of us have been preparing for, whether we knew it or not.

    Blessings to all. ❤️